The Top 5 Places to Eat in Chelsea

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Need a Pick-me-up or looking for a casual place to grab a bite? Our Chelsea food guide will enlighten your taste buds with our favorite picked spots! If you’ve finally solved that hunger and are in the neighborhood looking for more things to do, why don’t you have a look at our top 5 spots to check out in Chelsea?

Best high-line bite:
Murray’s Bagels Chelsea

242 8th Avenue.
Have you ever wondered why most of New York City survives off bagels? Visit Murray’s Bagels and you’ll get your answer! Tucked between a Bank of America and the infamous Royal Siam Thai, the Bagel Deli cozies up to 8th avenue with an inviting outside bench to help you enjoy the weather as you snack on your bagel! Whether you’re into their well-known Nova Scotia Bagel or the more lavish signature ‘Chelsea Club’ sandwich, you’ll be in for a treat when you visit this iconic bagel spot. We’ve feasted on many bagels but this spot remains one of our classic places to go to for the Chelsea Club sandwich.

Best burgers:
Bareburger Chelsea

153 8th Ave
A burger joint that has gluten-free options, veggie options and full meat patties? Yes please! Bareburger Chelsea boasts a heavy menu in which you can make your own or go for the ideal made for you burgers. You’ll be guaranteed to be left full and wanting more after you’ve tasted any of their delicious burgers. If it’s your first time at Bareburger Chelsea, be sure to checkout the fries while you’re there because they are to die for! If you’re feeling a little more edgy, be sure to taste their chips & guac and get ready for a full feast.

Best Coffee Spot:
Chelsea Market

75 9th Avenue
Imagine a Food Hall, Shopping Center, Pop-up Stores and cool confectionary stores. That’s Chelsea Market! Owned by Google and situated opposite their 9th Av. Office, the Chelsea Market boasts a wide variety of coffee shops and cool pop-up stores that let you spend an entire day with almost everything you’d ever need! The 9th Street Espresso Bar, located next to Fellow Barbers will serve you up with the warmest and nicest cup of coffee you’ll need for the energy you’ll be spending running around New York City streets! The 9th Street Espresso Bar almost always serve exceptionally sourced coffee beans, ranging from Nicaraguan Beans to Kenyan or Brazilian roasts.

Best brunch spot:
La Bergamote

177 9th Avenue
Finding an ideal brunch spot can be a near impossible task in Manhattan, with waiting lines that never end and chaotic running around hoping to get there before the crowd makes it also one of the most sought after lunch activities. Forget the hassle and the stress of finding a good brunch because we’ve got the solution! La Bergamote small space will leave you in an intimate setting to get your tastebuds ready for a unique brunch experience. La Bergamote croissants are one of the most popular items on the Menu but you can enjoy a tasting of delicate and fine French cuisine without having to cross the Atlantic Ocean!

Best dining place:
Momofuku Nishi

232 8th Avenue
Momofuku has been a culinary brand that most New Yorkers love to look for throughout Manhattan. David Cheng’s brand has had a huge success since its creation in 2004, which is no wonder why all of his Momofuku locations are so vibrant and special. Cheng brings a new twist to his culinary brand with Momofuku Nishi, an italian menu with all the Italian favorites, but made with a Momofuku twist. The most popular items are the Tagliatelle and the Lobster fra Diavolo plates. It’s minimalist interior design; black glazed flooring and glossy wood booths and tables will let you sink in in a private setting with a pleasurable food menu.