Top 5 Things to do in Chelsea

The Chelsea High line Luxury rentals

Looking for things to do in the Chelsea Neighborhood? We’ll get you up and running in no time with our super easy to read top 5 places to go to in the Neighborhood! Get ready to explore the Ins & Outs of this cool neighborhood! (While you’re here, if you’re hungry you should most definitely read our Top 5 food spots in Chelsea!)

1- The Chelsea Market

75 9th Avenue.
The Chelsea Market, the infamous hotspot for food, quick shopping and quirky popups is an amazing go-to spot in the Chelsea Neighborhood. It’s also conveniently located opposite the Google Headquarters and houses Youtube headquarters in its upper floors as well as other high level companies. The Market boasts a great variety of shops, eateries and popups that make for an absolute fun day out. Need a haircut? They’ve got a Fellow Barber! Need to buy some books or jewelry? They’ve got several popup stores at the rear end of the market that focuses on artisanal and home-made art!

2- Chelsea Piers Golf Club

59 Chelsea Piers.
Ever wondered what it’d feel like to get some golf down while overlooking the Hudson River and New Jersey? You won’t have to wonder much longer as the Chelsea Piers Golf Club is exactly just that! The year-round driving range, located outdoors on the Chelsea Piers allows you to hit full shots and practice for as long as you want on a 200 yard fairway. With opening times around 6:30AM daily and off peak prices starting at 30$ for golf balls and 4$ per club rental, it’s seriously hard to pass up on visiting this golf establishment, especially so well placed in Manhattan!

3- The Chelsea Park

West 27th Street and 9th Avenue.
The Chelsea Park, located in the heart of the Chelsea Neighborhood first opened in 1910 and has since become a hotspot for sports and go-to reading spots for the Neighborhood. The park has a variety of amenities ranging from football fields to basketball courts and handball courts as well as a Children’s playground. The park also runs events and has wifi hot spots! What more could you ask for from a Park! You’ll also be in walking distance to several great restaurants and the high-line.

4- The Cinepolis Chelsea Theater

260 West 23rd Street.
Sure there are plenty of Theaters and Cinema chains in Manhattan with top quality sound and projection, of which the Cinepolis falls into. What makes the Cinepolis Chelsea branch a remarkable and must-visit spot in the Neighborhood is its wide variety of specials, deals and cool events. Did we mention they host an event every Tuesday that shows handpicked alternative movies and cult classics? Did we also mention that its one of the few theaters in Manhattan where you can have fully reclining seats and a crazy gourmet hot food delivered to you in the cinema? (We’re talking angus beef, truffle fries and hummus and so much more!) I think we’ve sold you the idea of this cinema enough, now how about you go check out what’s on and go see something!

5- The Gagosian Gallery

555 West 24th Street.
The legendary Gagosian name has been uttered throughout America ever since its first gallery opened in LA in 1980. The Gagosian Gallery is an Art gallery that specializes in Modern and Contemporary Art. The Gallery is known for its unique and cool lay-out where most of its art-goers get lost in the art and soak up the Gallery’s truly unique art collection. Some notable artworks and installations that have been exhibited range from De Kooning to Damien Hirst.