5 Must-go-to Food places of Chinatown

Found yourself wondering about in Chinatown and hungry? Our Chinatown food guide will help that hungry stomach of yours with our top 5 must go to food places! (And if you’re still around after a delicious meal, be sure to have a read through out top 5 places to check out and things to do in Chinatown so you get the most out of the Neighborhood!)

1- Aux épices

121 Baxter Street
You can never go wrong with an exotic cultural mix of French-Malaysian in the culinary world. The Chef Marc Kaczmarek and his wife Chef Mei Chau began this culinary mix in the cosy spot on 121 Baxter Street in 2013. The Menu boasts an exciting mix between small plates, big bowls and signature dishes that will leave you craving for more. Our personal favorites are the Escargot plates as well as the Udang Panggang – a delicious grilled jumbo prawn sprinkled with turmeric ginger. What’s not to like! Aux Épices is a guaranteed must for any passerby throughout Chinatown!

2- Lalito

104 Bayard Street
An interesting and novel approach to the Mexican Californian food mix, with a multitude of choice ranging from Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten free meal options. Their minimal white and beige/light brown interior design perfectly compliments their culinary visuals as you enjoy the well presented aesthetics of your food platters. They purposely have no avocado in any menu items to make sure to distinguish themselves from most Mexi-Cali culinary mixes but you’ll be sure to find anything you desire at this must-go to spot in Chinatown.

3- Nom wah Tea Parlor

13 Doyers Street
This unique vintage Tea Parlor dates all the way back to the 1920s and is one of the top reasons why it made our top 5 list of must-go-to places to go to in Chinatown. It was originally opened as a bakery but has eventually come to be known as the Nom Wah Tea Parlor. This special spot boasts a wide variety of must-eat dim sum (over 30 varieties!) and it’s also been featured in movies as a shooting location so you have more than enough reasons to go and fill your belly with delicious dim-sum!

4- Taipan Bakery

194 Canal Street
The Taipan Bakery is a necessary visit if you’re craving any Chinese baking food or even some of the classics like egg tarts & pork buns. The pink-neon tint on the outside of the Bakery invites your attention but the smells that wave through your midst are the ones that make you stay an entire afternoon trying all sorts of foods. The Bakery is always buzzing with energy and smells of must-eat foods and are guaranteed to be the freshest buns you’ve ever had in Manhattan.

5- Mei Li Wah

64 Bayard Street
This cosy tucked away Chinese restaurant, hidden behind a window filled with menus and culinary photos is a hidden gem for any traditional Chinese bun lover as well as rice noodle rolls enthusiast. The interior, almost too simple looking, is a booth style Chinese restaurant that seats parties of 4 or less per booth. If you’re willing to go past its initial simplistic appearance, you’ll be quickly surprised at how good the food is and how good a steal the prices are!