Top 5 Things to Do in Chinatown

Looking for stuff to do in the neighborhood? Want to get to know New York and the quirky things that make it the top tourist destination and such an interesting city? We’ve got you covered with a quick 5 Top things to do list in Chinatown just for you!

1- Be sure to check out the Mahayana temple

133 Canal Street
The Chinese Buddhist Temple is a must-visit for anyone who finds themselves in the Chinatown neighborhood. Situated at 133 Canal St. on the corner of Canal & Bowery, the Buddhist Temple ominously stands with golden Chinese scripture writing on red back-tiles. Upon entering, You’ll be greeted with a memorable experience of a 16 feet high statue of the Buddha. If you do find yourself lucky enough to be in the neighborhood, be sure to enter before 5:45PM with shoulders and knees covered to make sure you’re allowed entry.

Mahayana Temple - Chinatown Array Property Group

2- Doyers Street

Have you ever wondered where that instagram and photo famous Chinatown street is? The infamous Chinatown photos almost everyone has seen have been taken at Doyers Street. This iconic street is home to a multitude of stores and cafes in a short area and is renown for it’s angle in an otherwise very geometrical city. It is a must-see for anyone wanting to catch a photograph of this iconic street as well as a great destination for food and tea (Our Chinatown top 5 places to eat guide will be a great addition to your visit).

Doyer Street - Chinatown Array Property Group

3- Sun’s Organic Garden

79 Bayard Street, Ground Floor
A small hidden away gem of Chinatown where you can procure all of your exquisite Chinese Teas, Herbs and Spices. We’d recommend definitely checking out Sun’s Organic Garden as the tea selection is one of the most delicate on any tea drinker’s palate. The owner Lorna is renown for her thorough knowledge of herbs and proper mixes that allow for a very special tea blending and tea sipping experience. Be sure to get creative and smell as many different tea jars as you can before you walk out with a multitude of new experiences for your tastebuds!

Sun's Organic Garden - Chinatown Array Property Group

4- ’Up Stairs’ Karaoke Bar

59 Canal Street
Cheap drinks and 1$ Karaoke songs? Chinatown and New York wouldn’t be the same without a go-to Karaoke bar where you can spend your Friday nights singing along to your top chart hits. Whether you’re with your friends or you decide to go solo, you’ll find the crowd and the staff very cheerful and always delightful. The ‘Up Stairs’ Karaoke Bar is a definite go-to for any Karaoke or singing enthusiast.

Up Stairs Bar - Chinatown Array Property Group

5- Apotheke

9 Doyers Street
Imagine an old school Apothecary bar with a wild chemist behind the bar crafting handmade cocktails just for you. Got the image in your head? That’s Apotheke. It’s unique interior design will leave you speechless as soon as you enter, and the drinks will keep you speechless while you find your spot and huddle up and prepare for a night of immersion in their exotic cocktail list. Cocktails are exclusively made from in-house organic produce, herbs and botanicals and also include the much sought after ‘Absinthe’ liquor.

Apotheke - Chinatown Array Property Group