Top 5 Coolest Spots in Dumbo

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Ever wondered why Dumbo is called Dumbo? It’s short for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass! Now that we got that pressing question out the way, we’ll tell you about the coolest 5 spots to go to while you’re there! (Happen to be hungry too? Luckily for you we’ve also got a top 5 tastiest spots in Dumbo guide!)

1- Jane’s Carousel

Old Dock Street
Arguably in the top most iconic spots of Dumbo, Jane’s Carousel is a must-see for anyone in Dumbo, especially since the tickets to the Carousel are only 2$! Also widely renown as a great Wedding Photography spot, it features an unbeatable view of the Financial District and parts of the East side of Manhattan as well as the Brooklyn Bridge. We personally love this spot as a casual hangout or a ‘bring-your-book’ kind of spot but it’s also in walking distance some famous Dumbo spots like Gleason’s Gym and The River Cafe.

2- ‘the’ manhattan bridge photo spot

64-76 Front Street
One of the most iconic photograph ever taken in Dumbo; THE spot where Instagrammers and photographers unite to catch the perfect light and angle of the Manhattan Bridge. Located on the cross section of Front Street and Washington Street, this location is a must go-to for anyone looking to snap a perfect shot of the Manhattan Bridge. You’ve even got the Front Street Pizza nearby if you get hungry waiting for the perfect shot!

3- Powerhouse Arena

28 Adams Street
The Powerhouse Arena is an interactive space that acts as an art gallery, an open space for thinking, a bookshop, performance space and art installations as well as public book readings. What’s not to like about so much choice! It’s also a great place to check out if you’re into publishing houses and exclusive literary works, as Powerhouse Arena is the home of Powerhouse Books. We guarantee you’ll spend at least an hour or two browsing through the art and books as well as soaking up the Dumbo neighborhood.

4- Pebble Beach Dumbo

19 Washington Street
Picture a casual small pebble beach all within walking distance of Dumbo, let alone Manhattan… You’ll find yourself dreaming of the Pebble Beach without even having been! This lovely small pebble beach is an absolute hidden gem in Dumbo where you can run away to during the summer warm months and enjoy a cool swim and even get a free kayaking session in! (You’re free to enjoy a kayak for 20 minutes which is more than enough to keep you cool during those warm summer months).

5- The Dumbo Flea Market

80 Pearl Street
Almost every New Yorker has gone to the Dumbo Flea Market at least once. The Market runs April through October on Sundays only which makes for great weekend plans if you happen to go sightseeing in the neighborhood. You’ll even have a chance to grab a bite to eat in a cool variety of food stands around the Market. The Flea Market has over 50 stalls and stands so you’ll be guaranteed to find something you’ll like!