5 Places to Check Out in East Harlem

Now that you’ve stepped foot in one of the coolest places in Manhattan, we’ll get you up and running to check out the best spots in East Harlem! Don’t forget to have a quick look at our Top 5 Food spots in East Harlem!

1- La Marqueta

1590 Park Avenue
Located under the Metro North train tracks on Park Av. between 111 & 116th Street, La Marqueta offers more than 10 unique vendors and merchants in a unique space. Live performances, cooking classes and a memorable space are all unique aspects of La Marqueta but it’s the food that will make this marketplace the most memorable. Be sure to check it out the Urban Garden Center while you’re here!

2- El Museo Del Barrio

1230 5th Avenue
El Museo Del Barrio is a special art space specialized in showcasing Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Art. The art collections vary from both permanent and some being timed exhibitions. With a café and a wide variety of works ranging from design, paintings, sculptures and theoretical works, El Museo Del Barrio remains an important artistic workshop for many artists as well as art enthusiasts. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about Latin Art, this museum has you covered with all the basics as well as events that will cover a broader spectrum of knowledge.

3- The Demolition Depot

159-161 East 126th Street
The Demolition Depot is a definite must on this top 5 list as it remains to be one of East Harlem’s hidden gems. A Demolition depot where you can find irreplaceable artifacts and preserved vintage architectural items that are all available for purchase? Yes please! Their inventory boasts hundreds of items ranging from preserved stained glass from demolished Cathedrals and Churches, old New York Diner booths and many more.

4- The Museum of New York City

1220 5th Avenue
The schedule of the NYC Museum, open 7 days a week from 10AM to 6PM, makes it an ideal visit whenever you find yourself in the East Harlem neighborhood. With a collection list of objects over 190,000 items, the Museum of New York City is a tough pass, especially with so many events and constantly changing exhibitions! You’ll be sure to find something to your liking as their usual schedule timetable contains at least 2-3 events per day with some days having over 5 events! (Make sure you checkout their Events page before you go).

5- Central Park Conservatory Gardens

5th Avenue & 104th Street Entrance
Ever wanted to find a gorgeous hidden six-acre plot of land in Central Park? Look no further! The Conservatory Gardens is a large garden plot that splits itself into three smaller gardens, each with unique styles. What’s so special about the Conservatory Gardens? Other than the immediate perceivable beauty and the serene-ness of these gardens, it has also been designated as a quiet zone, meaning that this is truly a hidden gem in East Harlem, where the bustling and noises of Manhattan are suddenly put at ease within this special park.