5 Places to Go To in East Village

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Checking out the East Village? Let our top 5 guide show you some of the coolest spots the East Village has to offer.

1- Creative little Garden

530 East 6th Street
The entrance adorned by a small yellow gate, opens you to one of the very few unknown parks of Manhattan. A small closure where you can runaway from the cityscape with a book and be alone, or converse with close friends in a very natural and intimate setting is one of the spots to check out if you’re ever in the East Village. It is open to the public from 11AM to 6PM every day of the week and is almost always visited by artists and book enthusiasts. If you’re lucky, you might stumble upon one of their occasional events, ranging from poetry readings to book signings.

2- Russian & Turkish Baths

268 East 10th Street
An Iconic gem of the East Village, the Russian & Turkish Bath house has been around since 1892. Though the admissions price (48$ per person) could be seen as slightly steeper than some Bathhouses in New York, the Russian & Turkish Bathhouse is a must-see and a memorable experience for anyone who hasn’t been. It is known as a go-to place for deep relaxation and immersion in meditation, with a multitude of treatments available: ranging from Swedish massage, Dead Sea Salt Scrub and Platza Oak Leaf Massages, you’ll be sure to find something to your liking.

3- Rue-B Jazz Club

188 Avenue B
Live Jazz acts every night. An almost Parisian interior design. Happy hour every night from 5-8 PM half price beer. Walls covered in original photos of jazz legends, old school pin-ups and legendary Hollywood movie stars. Some nights also feature Latin music and funk, and is known to attract an exciting and original crowd. Open Daily from 5Pm to 2AM, this makes for an interesting cosy spot whenever you’re in the East Village.

4- Museum of the American Gangster

80 St. Mark’s Place
A Museum consisting of two rooms filled with American Gangster History and archives. It’s location is an iconic one as the block was said to often be frequented by Al Capone, John Gotti and Lucky Luciano, notorious American Gangsters. Located upstairs from an old school speakeasy, you’ll be sure to learn plenty regarding the American Gangster history of New York as well as be lucky to see an up close model of the iconic ‘Tommy Gun’ and bullets from the well known ‘Valentine’s Day Massacre’.

5- Anthology Film Archives

32 2nd Avenue
First opened in 1970, the Anthology Film Archives’ aims are: “Anthology strives to advance the cause and protect the heritage of a kind of cinema that is in particular danger of being lost, overlooked, or ignored.” A center for the preservation, study and analysis of film, the archives show more than 900 programs per year. The Anthology Film Archives tend to focus on more avant-garde film than conventional cinema but remain a must for any film enthusiast.