Best 5 Food Spots of the Fashion District

Welcome to the Fashion neighborhood of Manhattan, also known as the Garment District and the Fashion District! If you’ve made it this far through our blog it means you’re looking for some delicious spots to eat at in this area and we’ve got you covered right below!

1- Parker & Quinn

64 West 39th Street
A cool and laid-back American restaurant hidden away inside The Refinery Hotel. Overlooked by Chef Haskell who brings with him a plentitude of experience and unique skill. The interior design is reminiscent of a cooler old-school Manhattan with booth style diner seating and golden antique mirrors and other furniture that evoke the 1900s all the way up to 2000s. Classy, eloquent and old school are all words that spring to mind upon entering this definite must-go-to restaurant.

2- Casa Nonna

310 38th Street
The Casa Nonna, ‘Grandmother’s House’ in Italian, is a roomy Italian restaurant that is well presented and fashionable in its execution. An elegant twist between Roman and Tuscan culinary taste, the menu will be sure to bring you to the Italian continent within the first bite. Their selection of cured meats as well as Antipasti reflect the true Italian touch brought by the chef Atilio Ramos.

3- Chef Yu

520 8th Avenue
One of the few hidden gems of the Garment District, Chef Yu will soon show itself to be your favorite Chinese restaurant in midtown! The menu is overlooked by Chef Yu himself and you’d think that in such an incredible midtown location the prices would be standard rate, but you’d be surprised to find most lunch menus below 8$ and at that rate and high quality service, the food is practically a steal! The Beef Tendon and Marinated Beef with Pepper Sauce are the most renown plates of this Chinese restaurant, and are also our favorite plates!

4- Izakaya Mew

53 West 35th Street
Its beautifully designed interior, ambient lighting and dimly lit walls, simple wooden tables beset an unforgettable atmosphere whether the place is packed or half full. Izakaya Mew is also one of the few restaurants that have a unique selection of Sake available. Their menu as well as traditional approach to Japanese culinary techniques make Izakaya Mew a remarkable place to dine at and to relax and soak up the special atmosphere this place has to offer.

5- Tabata Noodle

540 9th Avenue
Looking for an ultra-fresh ramen spot in Midtown? Checkout Tabata Noodle, a simple straight forward menu specializing in rice dishes and ramen noodles, Tabata Noodle will lure you in with their simplicity and keep you eating with their delicious tasting food. They’ve covered everything that’s necessary to guarantee an incredible dining experience without complicating themselves in the process.