Top 5 Places in the Fashion District

Now you’re heading to Midtown around the Fashion District, why don’t you check out below some of the best things to do with your time while you’re there. We’ll show you the ins & outs of the Fashion District in 5 simple spots to go to! (Be sure to check our food guide for the Fashion District too!)

1- Macy’s Herald Square

151 West 34th Street
The Fashion District wouldn’t be a Fashion District without an enormous Macy’s where you can spend several hours touring its interiors shopping! Boasting 8 fully equipped floors for shopping, a lower level, basement and mezzanine with brands such as Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Estee Lauder, you’re guaranteed to find what you came for.

2- The Empire State Building

20 West 34th Street
You wouldn’t be truly immersing yourself in the New York Experience or Manhattan experience if you haven’t yet visited the most coveted landmark of New York! The Empire State Building is open 365 days a year from 8AM to 2AM. Glance the whole of Manhattan in a 360 degree vision and even watch the sunset as you soak up the views that make what Manhattan is most known for. Entry fees begin from 36$.

3- Madison Square Garden

4 Pennsylvania Plaza
Madison Square Garden, often referred to as the World’s most famous Arena, is beset in the middle of Pennsylvania Station, between the 7th and 8th Avenue from 31st to 33rd Street. The in-door venue is home to a multitude of events ranging from live music, live sports, circus and most forms of live entertainment. A worthwhile visit for any enthusiast of Manhattan architecture.

4- The Shed Art Center

545 West 30th Street
Located on the outskirts of both Hudson Yards and the Fashion District, the Shed Art Center acts as a cultural hub for performing arts, visual arts and cultural works. The shed recently opened in April 2019 but already has over 50 curated artists and creators bringing you the edgiest shows there are in the neighborhood. If you’re an avant-garde art enthusiast or enjoy helping upcoming artist then the Shed Art Center is a definite visit for you!

5- The Hudson Yards Vessel

31st Street and 11th Avenue
The Vessel, an overarching staircase that is 2500 steps and 154 stairs high and constructed by Heatherwick Studio, specifically architected by Thomas Heatherwick. The Vessel is on our top 5 places to check out in the Fashion District because it has recently become a landmark of Hudson Yards. It is most definitely worth visiting and if you book ahead, you get to visit it for free! (same day viewings are also free if you manage to get there before the queues add up — free tickets are on a first come first serve basis).