[GUIDE] Getting Your Luxury Apartment Rental in NYC Feng Shui Ready

Whether you’re looking for a luxury apartment rental in NYC or apartments that are no fee, Array Property Group has you covered!  In this article, we will help you assess whether or not your apartment rental is Feng Shui ready for 2020. We will also cover the basics of Feng Shui and what you need to do to have luck by your side in the coming year of 2020.

These are only some of the points we’re going to cover in this article and if you’re interested to find out more, read on!

When you are looking for a luxury apartment rental in New York City, what is the most important consideration for you in an apartment search?Is it space? Accessibility?

Is it space? Accessibility? Budget? Did you know that an apartment and bedroom’s feng shui is more important than these?

In this ultimate Feng Shui Guide, we’re going to help you with your search in finding luxury apartment rentals in New York City that have Feng Shui.

Before we begin, let’s give you an overview of Feng Shui:

First of all, what is Feng Shui?

It is a Chinese belief system that involves using the flow of energies or Chi (Qi) in your home or in your apartment to create harmony. It is a technique that has been used for thousands of years.

In ancient times, Chinese merchants from South East Asia arrived in the West.

With their arrival, they brought on the influence of Feng Shui. In fact, all the skyscrapers in Manhattan and mini-malls in Los Angeles are built using Feng Shui Elements.

Therefore,  New York is one of the best spots to find Luxury Rental Apartments with Feng Shui, because almost everything is practically built around it.

Feng Shui is about using elements of Chinese Astrology and the magnetic direction and energies of every area in your home. On this day, it has become a popular practice worldwide.

The design elements of Feng Shui are mostly free of clutter, relaxing and calming. Now, who doesn’t like to come home to a house or apartment free of clutter?

Best of all… When good Chi flows freely in your home your whole life will be free of negativity but full of abundance and prosperity.

And that’s not all, these are not the only benefits of Feng Shui. It has an array of benefits in all areas of your life.

But before we dive into Feng Shui, I wanted to ask you a question…

Do you know your KUA number?

The positioning of your furniture, your prosperity, and your health area will depend on your Kua number.

Kua is a system of numerology based on your birth year and gender that is used in Feng Shui.

It is on finding out your Kua number that you will determine your favorable directions to face, locations and important areas of your home.

The positioning of your bed, your prosperity area (Shen Chi) and the Health area (Tien Yi).

These are all determined by your Kua number. There are several free Kua calculators online to help find your Kua numbers. (This is the first thing you have to do before moving into a new home.)

So why should you consider Feng Shui when finding rental luxury apartments in New York City?

  • It enhances Wealth

Every house or apartment has a prosperity or wealth area (Shen Chi) determined by your Kua number. Putting Feng Shui elements can create excellent income flow.

  • Feng Shui can improve Career and Stability

By applying Feng Shui elements and positioning in your working area this will help you attract opportunities seamlessly.

  • It improves Health

Placing Wood and Water elements on the Shen Chi or Health Area shall improve overall health.

  • Provides harmonious marriage and relationships

Placing Yin elements on the relationship area will grow and nurture your relationships.

  • It can enhance social connections

Adding vibrant colors in your common areas will improve your social interactions.

  • If you’re planning to have a family, it also improves fertility

If you want to attract energies of fertility, images of elephants with their trunks down and pictures of babies is a common Feng Shui practice.

  • Prevents you from having accidents or disasters

Placing a Feng Shui Turtle at the main entrance of the apartment drives away disastrous energies.

  • It increases motivation and stabilizes energy

Eliminating inauspicious plants such as cactuses and creating a clutter-free space increases motivation.

  • Money problems will be prevented

Making sure your wealth area is not cluttered with unnecessary stuff and adding water elements will prevent outpour of money.

  • Can drive away bad elements or spirits

Using small houseplants in the home drives away negative entities as well as hanging a bagua on your front door facing the street.

  • Creates an improved emotional and mental health

Choosing a bedroom away from the noise with a bed placed against a solid wall with ni mirrors facing it is the best Feng Shui practice for mental health.

What are the things to consider when you’re searching for Feng Shui rental luxury apartments in New York City?

  1. Location

Find something with a relaxing garden view or a city skyline. Choose the higher floors, it’s better to find a place with a view that’s not blocked by another building because it creates stagnant energy.

No condos blocking your view means better Chi will come to your apartment.

Things to note:

  • If you’re near a hospital, a cemetery or a prison consider looking elsewhere. These places have negative energies and it’s not exactly inspiring.
  • Avoid an apartment facing the elevator or a staircase as you want to avoid the busy energy coming from the elevator and the stairs.
  • A water element in front of the apartment building is auspicious.

2. Floor Plan

Look closely at the floor plan and observe if the air seems to flow. Imagine air coming in from the front door. Don’t choose an apartment that has a bathroom under a bedroom and don’t go for oddly shaped homes.

If you are looking for a studio, it’s pretty straight forward and space is cramped and you have to make use of furniture and Feng Shui elements to counter the negative flow.

  • Have distinct rooms for every purpose such as a study room/office, a yoga or meditation room, bedroom, and the living room.
  • Your bedroom should only be used for sleeping and resting while your office or study room should only be used for its purpose.

If your apartment is with a wall facing the main door, this can be remedied by Feng Shui elements but you sure cannot reposition a bathroom or a kitchen. So looking at the floor plan is crucial.

3. The main entrance should be well lit

It’s the first thing that greets you, it should embody the color of positive energy.

You can see how well an apartment can nourish good energy is defined by what is happening in the main entryway.

Notice what you see when you come into the apartment.

  • A wall shouldn’t be facing the front door (if possible)
  • The front door shouldn’t be facing a staircase. As well as a staircase shouldn’t be facing a bathroom door.
  • The upstairs bathroom shouldn’t be right above the front door

4. The Apartment should have a Strong Front Door

Having a strong front door in Feng Shui symbolizes how the apartment receives its Chi nourishment.

  • The door’s size should be proportioned to the rest of the house and the pathway
  • Notice if the door is directly aligned to another door, it creates a loss of good energy.
  • The direction of the door will also depend on your Kua number and everyone who lives in the apartment.
  • The first thing you have to do is to calculate your Kua number so you will know the auspicious direction of the front door, the bed, the living room and the rest of the apartment.

You can refer to this chart below while you study the floor plan.

Lucky feng shui directions

5. Big Windows

The windows of the apartment should provide natural light as it provides a cheerful and abundant environment. Thus, it welcomes good energy.

Let as much sunlight pour inside the room if you can’t find an apartment with big windows the lighting should be excellent like resembling sunlight.

6. Consider the Wall Color

For the kitchen, bright colored walls would be ideal for its uplifting effects. While the bedroom walls would be best with hues of green and blue, as it promotes restfulness.

If you don’t want to play around with different colors, white is always a winner. It’s bright and it’s vibrant.

Basic Summary:

There is no doubt that Feng Shui offers plenty of great benefits in all areas of life. Such as in business, relationships, wealth, health, growth, stability and many more.

The spirituality of a home should be greatly considered before moving in. Furthermore, the elements of the apartment or the house should be in line with Feng Shui and the maintenance and nourishment of good Chi (Qi) energy.

If you’re moving into New York and you are looking for a Luxury Rental apartment with Feng Shui.

Luxury Rentals New York offers personalized help in finding apartments. This means the apartment will be tailor-fit to your needs, no matter how you want it.

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The Year of 2020

The year 2020 is the year of the Metal Rat followed by the Lap Chun on February 4th. Lap Chun is the start of the Chinese Zodiac Year. It is also when the ‘qi’ or energy of the earth is at its strongest.

This coming year is going to be exciting with both good and bad news and if you are well informed, you will come out of the year with blessings instead of a loss. There will be pitfalls that can lead to loss because of the Robbery Star, no one will be safe from this unless you apply a powerful Feng Shui remedy in which we will also cover in this article.

Here’s the good news, there will also be positive stars that indicate big success for those who wish to succeed. The more patient and calmer you are, the chances are high for you to succeed.

When you look at 2020’s Feng Shui chart, the South, East, and North are not as lucky as the West corner is. This means that if you belong to the East group you need to be more careful in the coming year, while the West group people have more luck on their side.

And here’s how to know if you’re in the West group or East Group.

First, you have to calculate your KUA number

Feng Shui nyc number chart

The East Group Kua numbers:

1 Kan, North

3 Zhen, East

4 Xun, South-East

9 Li, South

The West Group Kua numbers:

2 Kun, South-West

6 Qian, North-West

7 Dui, West

8 Gen, North-East

Now you don’t have to worry if you belong to the unlucky group this coming 2020, Feng Shui cures are there to combat attacking energies and inauspicious stars.


The 9 Flying Stars and Feng Shui Remedies For Your Luxury New York Apartment

In 2020, the nine flying stars will move to the new positions starting February 4, 2020, the Beginning of Chinese Zodiac (Lap Chun)

By managing the directions you can avoid the effects of the inauspicious or unlucky stars and harness the benefits and positive effects of the auspicious stars to get good fortune.

The Inauspicious and Unlucky Stars of 2020:


The most inauspicious star of all is the Five Yellow (五黄) It is the star in charge of disaster, bloody accidents, tragedy, and misfortune. It will travel to the East in 2020.

Is your apartment’s main door on the East? How about your bed, stove and your window? If it is located in the east position of your house you should be more careful.

Feng Shui Remedy:

  • Lay a white rug on the East area of your apartment
  • Place aquatic plants on the east side of your living room
  • Place  Five-Emperor Coins or copper bells, still in the East. This will drive away bad energies caused by the inauspicious star.
  • As soon as the year starts, donate blood.

Two Black (二黑), a.k.a. Ju Men (巨门), is the carrier of illness and accident. The Two Black star will fly to the South in the coming year 2020.

What could happen if there is an improper layout of Feng Shui in your apartment? It will cause illness of the occupants of the apartment, arguments, and misunderstandings.

Flying to the South will damage Ta Sui and the power of evil entities will be stronger.

Feng Shui Remedy:

  • Place wood carvings on the south area of your home
  • Put potted plants due South

Bringing in Earth elements generates Metal and this drains off evil spirits. In addition, Metal and Earth belong to the Yin which will balance the energy against the Two Black Star.

  • Add Metal items on the South area of your apartment such as Five Emperor coins, Pi Xiu and anything made of Copper.

These contain strong positive energy that would absorb the negative energies brought by the Two Black Star

  • Place a white carpet if your main door is located on the West corner of your apartment, this will dissipate the negative energies

The Three Blue (三碧) star will fly due north this coming year 2020. It is a star that will bring disputes, it belongs to the wood element. Failure to position for Feng Shui will lead to lawsuits, fights, and theft.

Is your front door and bed in this direction? If yes you may need to apply Feng Shui cures.

Since 2020 is the year of the Rat, everyone is advised to calm down and be patient because we are all prone to fights and disputes.

Having an improper position in the North may give your family volatile luck which may result to losses and bankruptcy. In terms of health, occupants of the apartment may suffer diseases concerning the liver and skin.

Feng Shui Remedies:

Three Blue Stars are from the wood element.  In addition, metal can restrain its evil spirits so the remedy would be from the metal element.

  • Place a concave Bagua mirror on your front door facing outward to drive away negative energies and evil spirits
  • Don’t place your bed, office desk on the north this year.
  • Avoid placing green or blue plants in the North area
  • To avoid lawsuits, you may place stone-carved lion ornaments in the North area
  • Lay a red rug or carpet at the main entrance if your main door is in the North area

The Four Green Star (四绿) or  Wen Qu (文曲) will be in the Southwest in 2020. It belongs to wood in five elements.

It is the star in charge of education, fame, and office work. It is the star you need to take seriously if you have a student in your apartment or if you are working a clerical job that needs a lot of concentration and focus.

Failure to position this with the correct Feng Shui directions will impact the career and education of those who are studying and lives in your New York Luxury Apartment.

Feng Shui Remedies:

  • The study table and bed should be placed in the southwest of your apartment, it will boost their learning efficiency.
  • Place luscious green plants in the southwest area to make it beneficial for study.
  • You can place a Wenchnang Pagoda on the southwest areas it will also boost focus and concentration

Manipulating this energy may help you and the students in your home excel in studies and/or careers.

Now that we have covered the inauspicious stars, let’s begin by learning more about are you the auspicious or lucky stars next year and how you can activate them!

Activating these stars can give you a life of abundance, overflowing wealth and prosperity. Read below to begin!

The lucky Stars and Auspicious stars of 2020:


Nine Purple (九紫), a.k.a. You Bi (右弼), will be on the West in 2020.

Nine Purple (九紫) is the celebration star as it symbolizes everything that is festive and auspicious.

If you apply the proper Feng Shui layout at the West, it will bring luck and festive energies in your apartment. Such as parties, weddings, promotion or higher commendation.

However, if you fail to apply proper Feng Shui layout this will bring illness and arguments in a relationship, as well as financial losses.

It is best to sit or sleep in this direction as it will benefit your future and your savings as well as your investments.

Activate this star by:

  • Keeping the west area free of clutter, making it bright and inviting. As a sign of welcoming happier occasions. This would benefit all the occupants of the apartment.
  • Place a Kylin ornament in your living room to supercharge the Nine Purple star and let it bring more joy and success
  • Lay a red carpet on the West area to improve Feng Shui. This would also improve your health if you have problems in the stomach or the spleen.

The Eight White (八白) is the most auspicious star of all in charge of good fortune and luck.

In 2020, it will fly to the Northwest area. It belongs to the Earth element.

If you arrange the northwest are of your home in accordance to Feng Shui you will amass a great fortune, you will develop your career tremendously. Failure to do so you may suffer from financial losses and illness.

This is the most powerful star and the one you should really exert effort on! If you want to make a fortune. Well, who doesn’t?

Activate this star by:

  • Keep the northwest area of your apartment clean and free of clutter at all times to attract wealth and good fortune in the year 2020.
  • Keep your doors and windows open if it is located in the northwest. Let the good energy in and invite wealth into your apartment.
  • You may place your bed and office desk in this area as well.
  • Place a red blanket at the main entrance if your front door and bedroom are located in the northwest. This is to further intensify its effects and strengthen its force.
  • Place Pi Xiu items to attract and maintain wealth because it’s mainly what the Pi Xiu does. By placing them in this area you will get twice as much luck.

One White (一白), or Tan Lang (贪狼), is a lucky star in Eight Luck.

It will be in the northeast in 2020. It is the star in charge of career, wealth and passion.

Having proper Feng Shui directions will benefit your career and wealth

Arrange the direction properly, One White will benefit your fame and fortune undoubtedly.

Otherwise, you may suffer from poor health and a rocky relationship.

Activate this star by:

  • Place a Feng Shui lucky by your horoscope as it may boost your luck for a love relationship.
  • Keep the northeast area clear of clutter and clean at all times.
  • If you are in sales or running a business, always keep the northeast of your home busy, hang out in this area or have your cup of coffee by placing a coffee nook.

Seven Red (七赤), or Pojun (破军) Star, will be in the Central Palace in 2020.

It belongs to the metal element and is changeable in Eight Luck, sometimes inauspicious and sometimes auspicious.

Seven Red star is the star of declined luck which symbolizes booze, women, and affair.

Failure to arrange for proper Feng Shui will bring career obstacles and infidelity.

In 2020, it will be at the center of your apartment.

Activate this star by:

  • Don’t pile up dangerous objects even toys that depict disaster of blood such as guns, swords to avoid disability and disasters
  • Place Kylin ornaments in the center of your house this will eliminate evil spirits and help with fortune.
  • Place a black or blue carpet if your bedroom or kitchen is at this direction.

Six White (六白), or Wu Qu (武曲) will be in the southeast in 2020. It symbolizes mixed luck

It is great for promotional and victory. However, when it is auspicious it represents lawsuits, accidents, and bankruptcy.

Feng Shui Remedies:

  • If your bed or office desk is in this direction you better change it.
  • Don’t place mirrors and mental products in this area.
  • Place a Bagua mirror on the southeast to support the Six White and attract good fortune.


How do you know if your luxury New York Apartment has good Feng Shui?

Imagine this, it’s 6 PM on a Monday.

You come home to your apartment exhausted from your day at work.

Your brightly-lit hallways greet you, it provides an inviting vibe.

You enter your apartment, take off your shoes and you sat in your living room.

Your apartment is free of clutter, it’s sparkling clean and cozy.

How would you feel?

Having good Feng Shui is not always seen but it is felt.

Best of all, to feel the good Feng Shui of your apartment and for it to impact your life. All your furniture, the placement of your door, the direction of your bed and so on has to be arranged in accordance to Feng Shui.

Here’s what will happen when you live in an apartment with good Feng Shui:

You will be in great shape, your relationships will be in perfect harmony, your income flow will improve and if you run a business it will soar.

Otherwise, when your apartment has bad Feng Shui you might notice your health to decline, your immunity down, your relationships rocky and your income flow won’t be as good. Feng Shui is a way to reap the blessings that you deserve in this world.

Let’s say you’ve already moved to your luxury New York apartment and you didn’t consult with a Feng Shui consultant before moving in. It’s not too late!

In this article, we are going to discuss how to know when your luxury New York apartment has good Feng Shui. We will also be including Feng Shui’s basic rules and tips in incorporating Feng Shui in your home and some Feng Shui decoration tips.

What Are The Feng Shui Rules?

  • The goal of Feng Shui is to harmonize energy forces not visible to the naked eye, which attach the universe, earth, and humanity together — known as qi (or chi). 
  • The Natural elements- Earth, Fire, Water, Metal, Space, Air and Wood with different shapes and colors, these elements are balanced by Feng Shui to produce positive energy
  • The Bagua is an energy mapping chart. Bagua means “8 areas”. For you to define your energy areas, you need to take a compass reading of your front door.

You may refer to the Bagua images below.

Western Bagua

Every color every number has a corresponding area or position in your home and it’s how Feng Shui is applied.


How to know when your luxury apartment has good Feng Shui?

  1. Is your condominium in regular shape? If corners are cut or missing or the flow of air makes no sense, it would cause issues to the lives of the occupants.
  2. Does your luxury apartment have a water element out front? Like a stream or a fountain? If so, this attracts positive energy.
  3. Is your hall entrance well-lit? Well maintained buildings which mean new bulbs with great lighting attract positive energies to stay.
  4. Are there any buildings higher than yours? Do you see a building directly when you look out your window? If the higher building is behind you, it’s auspicious but if it is directly in front of you, they are blocking your chi.
  5. Does your luxury New York apartment near a flyover or a busy street? The Yang energies of the busy streets can be overwhelming and are not favorable for living as it promotes restlessness.
  6. Make sure the elevators and staircases are working properly, well maintained and not dilapidated, this attracts negative energies.
  7. Look around the buildings if there are buildings with pointed structures aiming directly at you. These are poison arrows that will confuse the good energies.

Disrupting the flow.

  1. If your apartment is below the 9th floor your unit should be facing the entryway of the building. If not, having balconies and huge windows will have the same effect.
  2. Are your balcony and windows facing North East? Do you see a swimming pool or a fountain? If yes, then it’s good Feng Shui.
  3. If your luxury New York apartment is a studio, one window should be for air circulation to allow good energy to flow. Your entrance is one of the most important parts of your home, it should be clean and clear of clutter AT ALL TIMES.
  4. Look around for sha chi (attacking) or si chi (low) energy surrounding the building, look for railroads, busy streets, hospitals. A good Feng Shui apartment is far from places with sha chi.

How to incorporate Feng Shui in Your Luxury New York Apartment

First, you need to identify which part of your apartment you need to improve the most.

For example, you always spend time in your living room, your working area, and your kitchen that you tend to neglect what’s going on in the bedroom the closets and the laundry room.

View the apartment as a whole is distinctly connected, thus the word “flow” there shouldn’t be any blocks.

One neglected are could be a source of negative energy.

Your Work Area

As your source of wealth or “money-making room,” this place could also be associated with stress so this shouldn’t be in the same room where you sleep (if possible)

  • Add a water element such as a small fountain or an aquarium to balance the Yang energy.
  • Add plants for a sense of vibrancy and life.
  • Make it free of clutter (like what we always mention) because clutter is the source of negativity.

Your Studio Luxury Apartment

Divide your area strategically to apply Feng Shui

  • Use decorative tapestry or decorative dividers to separate your bedroom and work area.
  • Make sure the place of the entrance is completely open without any blocks such as a trash bin or laundry basket
  • Choose artworks that are calming instead of loud artworks that aesthetically crowd the space.
  • Place mirrors to make the room seem bigger, put it in the main entry as it brings more light and attracts good energy

Note however not to place them facing doors.

  • Balance the amount of furniture on each side of the room, use the Bagua for reference.

Your Living Room 

  • Circular shapes are auspicious for chairs and couches. It allows people to face one another while speaking.
  • The seating should promote a sense of oneness and community.
  • Add one central element such as a coffee table or if there’s a fireplace then you’re good.
  • If the fireplace is empty add an attractive decor such as plants to counter the emptiness of fire or a wooden element such as a sculpture.
  • TVs should be in the entertainment room as they suck out the energy out of a room. If your TV is in the living room and you don’t intend to use it, buy furniture to hide it when not in use.
  • Add fresh green luscious plants to add a sense of calmness and can uplift the energy in the room.
  • Does your apartment have high ceilings? place decors at eye level to maintain the energy and not let it rise to the ceiling.

Your Bedroom 

The bedroom is the relationship and love center it is also a place of relaxation and sensuality.

  • Place the bed on an opposite wall where the door is to avoid feelings of insecurity
  • Place two bedside tables to balance the energy in the room
  • Add soft fabrics for a luxurious and relaxing feel such as silk or faux fur doormats and throw pillows.
  • Choose a soothing color palette overall. Colors that represent water hues of green or blue promotes relaxation.
  • Place calming soothing and calming art
  • Add dim lighting to control the mood and feel of the room. This is where you spend your downtime so Yin energy should be present.
  • Avoid placing TVs or electronic devices, as mentioned above this sucks energy.
  • Your bedroom should be a place of relaxation that’s it, no work laptops or desks as you may bring the stressful energy associated to work in your sleep.

Your Bathroom 

In traditional Feng Shui practice, bathrooms are ignored as it is said to have negative energy.

But on this day Feng Shui aesthetics have changed since it is said to bring negative energy. All the more that you need to make it pleasing and as bright as possible.

  • Brighten up your bathroom with Teal colors or colors resembling the ocean.
  • Add scented candles as a fire element to contrast the water elements
  • Add an earth element in the room such as green plants
  • Add a huge mirror, this will brighten your bathroom
  • Always make it a point to clean your bathroom. Spick and span.
  • Make sure there aren’t any leakages and clogs and keep the toilets closed to keep the energy from flowing out.


Feng Shui can be made simple. Once you harmonize the energies in your Luxury New York Apartment, get ready to say hello to vibrant and prosperous life.

The great thing about Feng Shui is that it is a way of life that everyone can use. It is a lifestyle choice and belief system. Regardless of faith or location. But is not something you should leave to chance.

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