Top 5 Things to do while in the Flatiron Neighborhood

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You’ve just set foot in the Flatiron Neighborhood but you’re unsure where to get started… No worries! This super easy top 5 guide of what to do in Flatiron will get you started in no time, and get you exploring the must go-to places in this neighborhood! While you’re reading this blog post, you might as well read our top 5 food spots in Gramercy too so you’re sure to soak up all of the neighboring food spots too!

1- The Flatiron Building

175 5th Avenue.
Anyone whose ever been to the Flatiron Neighborhood has most definitely gazed and stared at the Flatiron Building in awe and curiosity. The thinnest building in Manhattan? It’s definitely one of the most iconic shaped buildings, both agreed by tourists and New Yorkers the like. The Flatiron Building is 22 floors high and 285 feet tall. It stands high and mighty in the Flatiron Neighborhood and is styled semi-Beaux-Arts with French and Italian architectural influences.

2- The National Museum of Mathematics

11 East 26th Street.
We decided to put the National Museum of Mathematics on our top 5 spots to checkout in Flatiron because its both an unconventional Museum and a truly hidden gem in the Neighborhood! An entire museum dedicated to the study and art of Mathematics, first opened in 2012 and located just across Madison Square Park. The Museum focuses on analyzing the intricate mathematical shapes and designs that make up our world and universe and do so in a great interactive way that is open to all ages.

3- Academy Records & CDS

12 West 18th Street.
Originally opened as a Bookstore, Academy Records has grown into an adored music NYC Landmark where music lovers unite. Moving away from its bookstore roots, it is now a music store that offers collector’s items, second hand records and CDs as well as merchandise items. They also have a wide collection of LP records and CDs that is worth noting if you’re specifically looking for something that most commercial music store chains might not have. It’s also a great place to spend an afternoon and explore new musical groups as they have something for everyone. They also have a collection of movies and second hand LPs so be sure to also check those out!

4- Rizzoli Bookstore

1133 Broadway.
Although just recently opened, the Rizzoli Bookstore is a truly iconic aspect of the Flatiron Neighborhood. Rizzoli Bookstore’s collections are not only vast but are highly acclaimed, with books ranging from rare limited editions to your everyday books. A must see is their unique and authentic collection of books that are solely focused on the theme of New York City. The interior design and location of the Rizzoli Bookstore is also worth noting as it is housed inside a New York Townhouse.

5- The Flatiron Public Plaza

East 23rd Street.
The infamous Flatiron Public Plaza, almost always packed with sightseeing crowds and people trying to catch the Flatiron Building at its most pleasing angle is a great little gem of the Neighborhood. The public plaza turns into a food and drinks pop-up eatery gallery during certain months. There are some kiosks who have just opened as of Friday 23rd of August and many more to come! Starting from 10:00AM onwards the food kiosks offer a wide range.