The Benefits of Living in a Doorman Building

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of living in a doorman building were? You don’t need to wonder any longer as we’ve covered the basic 5 benefits for you! Here are some of the most straight forward benefits, of which many are a great addition to have to your no-fee luxury apartment!

  1. Having a doorman is a simplifying amenity. Always having someone present at the front desk is really a great amenity to have as they are always available to assist you. You don’t have to worry about being present to receive packages any longer as your doorman will handle all packages for you. Having this amenity can really help you out in times of high maintenance or if you lack the time to do these yourself.
  2. If you’ve ever wanted to have privacy and not have unexpected visitors showing up at your house or apartment, having a doorman at your building can be a great solution. Most buildings have a general rule of contacting you or having an intercom to let you know that you have unexpected guests.
  3. Having a doorman in your building can also generally positively affect your mood as you are greeted daily and nightly by your doormen. Getting to know them is also a nice way to create a home feeling in your newly rented apartment!
  4. It simplifies the communication steps and processes regarding issues with your apartment. Have problems with your drains or AC unit? Talk to the doorman and he’ll flag down the issue to the management who will in turn solve the issue. This is a great way not to worry too much about the issues going on in your apartment as you won’t have to manually follow up with all the required parties.
  5. Having a doorman in your no-fee building can also be a great way to feel like you are truly living in a luxury apartment. It has been an argued yet mostly acknowledged convention that having a doorman often reflects luxury in most manhattan buildings.

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