Make Sure You Eat at these 5 Greenwich Village Spots

Hungry after walking around the Greenwich Village neighborhood? Our Neighborhood food guide will get your taste buds salivating in no time!

1- Carbone

181 Thompson Street
Imagine dining in a Godfather film-like environment where from the moment you enter until you’ve been seated, you feel like your part of the Sopranos TV Show. That’s Carbone. It also happens to be one of the most sought out restaurants in Manhattan and as such, the menu prices will set you back so be prepared to be paying high prices for equally high quality food. The service, the crowd, the menu as well as the location are all of the highest quality so be prepared for a truly memorable experience from the moment you step under their brightly red lit neon sign.

2- Minetta Tavern

113 Macdougal street
This high-class French restaurant is often seen as a celebrity hot spot and understandably so; once you’ve peeked at the menu and seen the inside, it’s not surprise that it’s beaming with wild characters and celebs since the quality of the cuisine and location are ideal. The old school French décor is not only well setting of an intimate ambiance but also reflects their traditional approach to the French culinary arts. It is no surprise that Minetta Tavern is related to the restaurants Balthazar, Pastis and Augustine.

3- Magnolia Bakery

401 Bleecker Street
The well known bakery chain from which you’ve most definitely spotted bags with their name, walking throughout Manhattan, was founded at its first location in Greenwich Village. Make sure you visit their flagship store and grab yourself as many cupcakes that your stomach can handle because they are absolutely worth it! Appearing in many films and often blamed for starting the cupcake adoration craze in New York, there are ample reasons why you should pass through, and while you’re there make sure you try out the apple pie as well as the specialty cupcake “Truffle”.

4- The Old Rose at The Jane Hotel

113 Jane Street
Located at the end of Jane Street, The Jane Hotel is known for its bohemian atmosphere as well as for its laid-back cool crowd. Although it is a hotel, the downstairs room adjacent to the lobby turns into a nightclub later at night and the rooftop opens up into an ambient night time bar. The Old Rose specializes in raw sea food and pizza, the menu is Italian styled and is open from 7:00AM to 11:00PM everyday, which makes it a convenient spot to eat and drink at all the while overseeing the Hudson River.


185 Sullivan Street
Best Bistro spot in Greenwich village with the elegant french culinary classics served in an ambient setting with a bar counter and small seating area. At first you might easily pass by Mimi thinking it’s your usual Greenwich Village restaurant but at the sight of their plates and the high class service, you’d quickly realize it’s a must visit restaurant. Although the menu often undergoes changes, which leaves a curious and mysterious vibe behind what to expect from the chefs, our most favorite plate is Octopus Cassoulet.


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