Adda Canteen – Long Island City’s Delicious Indian Food Spot

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The infamous neighborhood of Long Island City needs no introduction, with its recent up and coming no-fee luxury rentals as well as some truly amazing luxury condominium buildings that have recently finished construction; we thought it’d be best if we toured the neighborhood in search of a truly authentic and delicious Indian Restaurant.

The Adda Canteen, a hidden gem tucked away in the Long Island City neighborhood on 31-31 Thomson Avenue, is a truly unique culinary experience. The name of the restaurant is based on the Indian term ‘Adda’ referring to a meeting place where people congregate to hang out. The Adda Canteen is spearheaded and owned by Roni Mazumday and executive chef Chintan Pandya, who both have a shared vision of bringing an authentic Indian culinary experience to New York with the freshest ingredients and unique twists on classic recipes.

Pictured above is the delicious Lamb Seekh Kebab, an all time favorite for Adda Canteen’s customers.

Adda Canteen’s interior design possesses a similar authenticity than the culinary experience it offers, with newspapers plastered all over the walls of which show a wide variety of past news article in India. One of Adda Canteen’s positive points is that you can undergo a truly unique culinary experience all for under 20$ a plate! The authenticity, the high quality service as well as the culture and thought put into making the plates (we’ll include some photos below!) at Adda Canteen make it all the reason to visit this delicious restaurant.

Below is the delicious Kale Pakoda, made of Ground chickpeas, chat masala and chutneys.

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Another delicious plate we thought was absolutely worth mentioning, pictured below, is the Junglee Maas, composed of Goat curry, a unique Adda chili blen and to finalize, a garnish of red onions.

Our final insight into Adda Canteen’s platters is our favorite, the infamous Paneer Khurchan – a curry plate served with basmati rice, comprised of homemade organic Indian cheese, tomatoes and peppers.