Long Island City’s Top 5 Food Spots

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About to step foot in Long Island City? Get ready to have your jaw drop at all the upcoming sky scrapers and seriously cool new additions to the neighborhood. Catch up with where to go and eat with our 5 Places To Eat Neighborhood Guide! Need an additional guide for while you’re there? Go ahead and check out our 5 places you have to see while you’re there guide !

1- Beija Flor

38-02 29th Street
The memorable corner restaurant Beija Flor is a neighborhood favorite amongst the locals due to their live music acts as well as late night drinks but above all, their Brazilian recipes and delicious food! Be sure to pass by here during happy hour to be guaranteed a fun and vibrant atmosphere with live bands and cocktails to die for!

2- Adda

31-31 Thomson Avenue
The Adda Indian Canteen, the casual Indian restaurant off Thomson Avenue, will be an utmost surprise to your tastebuds, with a fully authentic and traditional Indian culinary menu you’ll be sure to be taken away to far away lands while tasting your exotically made food plates. Be weary of the spices as you lay back and enjoy the fully authentic experience, served to you in a relaxed and cool ambient mood with the interior design being confusingly minimal — walls covered in wall paper and simple seating, yet the food will be a real complexity to your taste buds, in every greatest way possible.

3- Long Island City Market

21-52 44th Drive
The casual and almost subtle entrance to the Long Island City Market will arise your curiosity at first but soon upon entering you’ll feel a cosy-ness and communal feeling reverberated by the casual and authentic decor. Wait until you try the food at the LIC Market, it’ll be a memorable experience filled with organic food, natural wine and beer and many other fresh foods; be sure to give their burgers a try!

4- Gordo’s Cantina

24-11 Queens Plaza North
Open from lunch onwards until 8:00PM daily, Gordo’s Cantina is a definite must for anyone passing through or planning to live in Long Island City. Savor the treats of Mexico in a laid-back and relaxed environment with bar seating or casual tables at the front of the restaurant. Since there aren’t many Mexican cuisine restaurants in Long Island City, it’s best to get accommodated and friendly with Gordo’s Cantina, especially since you’ll have no trouble falling in love with their menu and their food!

5-Cafe Henri

10-10 50th Avenue
One of the truly hidden gems of Long Island City is this cosy and chic French Bistro in the midst of 50th avenue. Cafe Henri’s interior design will almost immediately transport you to the streets of Paris with their iconic French bistro chairs and white brick walls. While you’re there, be sure to order one of the house specialties — The Bacon Cheeseburger or The Steak au Poivre Vert.