Top 5 Things to Check Out in Lower East Side

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With the multitude of things to do in Lower East Side its no wonder we had to compact it down to the top 5, so here are our top 5 things to check out while you’re in the Lower East Side Neighborhood.

1 – The Metrograph Cinema

7 Ludlow Street
The Metrograph Cinema is one of the coolest hip spots of the Lower East Side, especially since you can either come here for early evening drinks at the upstairs hang-out lounge or come and catch a 35mm print film projection. Their cinema equipment is top quality and is geared towards projecting archive-quality films. Although their film selection is more aimed towards independent and artistic films, you’ll most definitely have a memorable time in this seriously cool spot.

2- The Lower East Side Tenement Museum

103 Orchard Street
Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to travel back in the past to Manhattan in the 1930’s? Wonder no more! Go and check out the Lower East Side Tenement Museum to get a feel of what it was like to live in the neighborhood in 1930’s. The Tenement Museum focuses on immigrants who lived at 97 and 103 Orchard Street between the 1800’s to the 1930’s and as such have kept the interiors almost intact. You’d be in awe and shock to the living conditions and how different the interiors were back then, so make sure to pass by when you’re in the Lower East Side.

3- Obscura Antiques

207 Avenue A
The Obscura Antiques is a great place to pass by in the afternoon to check out some more unconventional aspects of the Lower East Side. This antique shop is filled with unusual and peculiar items ranging from paintings, to skeleton sculptures and taxidermy. Obscura Antiques & Oddities is also New York City’s oldest Emporium of morbid antiques and odd items and it remains one of the coolest little spots to check out if you’re ever looking for gifts for friends who are seriously hard to please!

4- Katz Delicatessen

205 East Houston Street
Although Kat’z Deli should probably feature in our top 5 places to go eat at around the Lower East Side, we preferred to feature it here because of its iconic landmark status amongst the people of the neighborhood and Manhattan. Katz Deli is undoubtedly a piece of history and a ritual for many New Yorkers. Famous for their enormous pastrami sandwiches and the fact that they’ve been serving them since 1888, it’s no surprise why Katz Deli is the King & Queen in the Sandwich game. Be sure to check out this spot but don’t go too late at night or you’ll catch the festive crowd and very long queues!

5- Two Bit Retro Arcade

153 Essex Street
Spare 25 cents? Good. You’ll need as many quarters as you can fit in your pocket if you’re near Essex Street, since you’ll most definitely pop by the Two Bit Retro Arcade. Although not an actual conventional arcade, Two Bit is a bar that has its walls covered with pinball machines, old school arcade games, foosball tables and so much more (they have over 25 video arcade games!)

Still looking for things to do in the Lower East Side? We’ve written up a super easy to read top 5 food spots of Lower East Side Guide just for you! Have a read through it and you’ll be surprised of all the little hidden spots the Lower East Side has to offer!