Midwest Court



$2,175 per month
1 Bedroom
$2,513 per month
2 Bedroom
$3,900 per month



    Finding your dream apartment in NYC can be really tricky. Especially in a location and real estate world that moves so fast, finding no fee luxury apartments for rent are a matter of knowing the market, having a great agent by your side and knowing what types of buildings you’re looking for. Luxury apartments for rent at the Midwest Court are some of the most popular in the Midtown West Neighborhood due to their lovely classic feel and 1980s aesthetic. The Midwest Court luxury building is located on 410 West 53rd Street, making its location a true perk!

    Upon entering the Midwest Court luxury building, you’ll be greeted by a beautiful glass enclosed walkway surrounded by a luxury landscaped courtyard. The luxury building offers many no fee apartments for rent ranging from studios, to one and two bedroom apartments. The overall feel of the building from its external aesthetic will bring you back to the glorious 1980s in Manhattan with a lovely hint of red-brick streets of New York. The apartments for rent at Midwest Court all offer spacious interiors as well as well-lit apartments.

    The building’s amenities offer a rooftop deck for its residents as well as a fully equipped fitness center. The adjacency of this luxury building to major retailers and top restaurants of the Hell’s Kitchen Neighborhood make the location a great perk too! Are you looking to be within walking distance to Times Square? To Central Park? To the many restaurants and great bars of the Midtown West Neighborhood? Look no further, you’ll be within a 5 minute walk to hundreds of retailers and great spots!


    The no fee apartments at Midwest Court are not only popular luxury apartments for rent but are also highly sought out for their red brick, old school feel. It can be hard to find luxury no fee apartments in NYC without living in high sky scrapers or very modern buildings. There are times when you might want to live in luxury, but with a less modern and more approachable historical feel of New York. A luxury building with no fee apartments such as Midwest Court is a perfect midground for this middleground.

    This attractive seven floor luxury apartment offers a wide range of apartments for rent, with 220 units for rent and many no fee options, you’ll be sure to find a unit to your pleasing! Although located in the heart of the Midtown West and Hell’s Kitchen Neighborhood, its location between the 9th and 10th avenue of 50th Street allows you to live in the high bustling area, all without the noise.

    The building welcomes you with a doorman and a garden courtyard, where you will be greeted daily and will find a cozy atmosphere at all times. A truly special perk of this building as well as neighborhood area is that the community opposed new high-rise developments, meaning you’ll get to enjoy the true feel of New York and Manhattan without the fear of immediate construction next door or encroaching high rise buildings.