Top 5 Places to Go To in the Meatpacking District

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The Meatpacking District, filled with high-end luxury clothing retail stores and recognized by its cobbled streets are a real treat if you know where you’re heading, and now that you’ve landed here on our Top 5 Places to go to in Meatpacking, you’re all good to go! If that doesn’t satisfy your exploration cravings, then get your tastebuds ready for our incredible delicious top 5 food spots of the Meatpacking District!

1- The Standard Hotel/Biergarten

848 Washington Street
Play ping-pong under the High Line with an amazing German beer selection on tap and bottled, as well as organically sourced German food ranging from sausages to pretzels! At the Biergarten during winter? Don’t worry, the outdoor space is well heated and still allows for ping pong and a great hangout! The Biergarten is open until 1:00AM everyday so that makes it a definite spot to checkout after having done some of the other things on this top 5 list!

2- The South end of the High line

812 Washington Street
The High Line actually ends, or some argue, starts in the Meatpacking District around 812 Washington Street. So be sure to walk up the stairs and check out this section of the High Line as it tends to be slightly less crowded than the rest of the High Line.

3- The Beach at Dream downtown

355 West 16th Street
The most perfect summer getaway while you’re strolling through the Meatpacking District is the rooftop at Dream Downtown, also referred to as ‘The Beach’. Over 50 chaise lounges and several private cabanas, a pool-side bar and delicious snacks to bite on while you get your drink on under the warm sun… What more could you ask for? If you’re not a hotel guest and you’d like to access the pool, make sure you get a Pool Pass from reception —However the pool bar is open to the public.

4- LUMAS Art Gallery

875 Washington Street
Just steps away from the Chelsea Market, the High Line and the Whitney, the LUMAS Art Gallery makes its visit essential due to their unique art collection and art on view. Their iconic red sofa and dark black walls create an intimate and serene yet serious art experience where you can purchase any piece that catches your eye. The art prices are surprisingly inviting to most audiences as the price ranges from 100$ onwards and its intimate setting allow for a genuine experimenting with what pieces you connect with most.

5- Gansevoort Market

353 West 14th Street
The Quirky Food Hall on West 14th Street is an enlightening food experience for any food enthusiast but also a definite hangout spot for most passerby’s in the Meatpacking District. It’s cosy and cool rustic styled food stalls with over a dozen vendors to choose from make it an ideal afternoon plan, before or after visiting the High Line; or even a night cap off at the Gansevoort Bar inside the Market!