Best 5 Things to do while in Midtown East

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Welcome to the Midtown East Neighborhood! Looking for things to do? We’ve got you covered with an easy top 5 things to do while you’re there; be sure to checkout our top 5 places to eat in Midtown east too!

1- Grand Central Terminal

89 East 42nd Street
Everyone knows the infamous Grand Central Terminal! Although it needs no introduction, it most certainly still holds many secrets and surprisingly hidden little stores within its large space. With amenities like the Grand Central Market, Dining Concourses, Restaurants, Cafes and an Apple Store, there isn’t much left to cover for simple pleasures! Another hidden gem to make sure you visit is the Campbell Bar, an iconic hidden getaway where most travelers catch a last minute drink before they take the trains – also a great place for after work drinks.

2- The United Nations

405 East 42nd Street.
The highly established and world renown intergovernmental agency of the United Nations is no doubt a landmark and a highly important space in Manhattan. The UN’s main task is world security, peace and developing positive and working communication channels with the world’s countries. The UN Headquarters located at 42nd Street are not only an important landmark to visit while you’re in the neighborhood, it is also a spectacular building that stands tall and apart from its surroundings. The front courtyard is also home to several works of art that represent peace building, equality and political work.

3- Saks Fifth Avenue

611 5th Avenue.
Saks Fifth Avenue is often regarded as a Must-go-to place for shopping in Manhattan. Saks Fifth Avenue specializes in designer clothing, shoes and apparel as well as some home items. It’s also known for its constant sales that are always worth keeping an eye out for, and if you’re in Midtown East, why not have a quick shopping spree while soaking up the sights of the neighborhood! Saks 5th Avenue is also known to have spectacular lights for Christmas and seasonal window displays.

4- Rockefeller Center

45 Rockefeller Plaza.
The Rockefeller Center is undoubtedly one of the most primordial landmarks of Manhattan’s history and skyline. Not only is it a landmark, it is also home to over one hundred stores, an observation deck that can be visited and small coffee shops. During the Christmas, you can view the amazing light show and unveiling of the Christmas tree as well as the very popular ice skating rink!

5- The Moma

11 West 53rd Street.
Although The Moma is currently closed for temporary renovations, we’ve included it on the list because it’ll return to its Midtown East location in a month (October 21st 2019). What’s worth noting is with its reopening, the Moma will now incorporate live events and performances, live art making and conversations. The Moma’s reputation remains one of the most important art galleries of New York City and as such, it is a must see for anyone who enjoys a thoughtful walk around art or art itself.