Top 5 Places to eat in the Midtown West Neighborhood

Time to get you up and running with a straight forward top 5 places to eat in the Midtown West Neighborhood blog post! We’ll set you up to have a delicious meal and before you know it, you’ll be coming back for more!

1- The Whitby

18 West 56th Street.
Located inside The Whitby Hotel, a luxury high class hotel, the Whitby Bar and Restaurant is a hidden gem tucked away from unknowing eyes. The interior design boasts high ceilings with a large 30 foot bar with an old school rustic feel and an inviting atmosphere. The opening hours are all day everyday from 7:00AM onwards which makes it a great go-to spot if you’re looking for something that won’t be closed early! Be sure to check out their evening cocktails as they are to absolutely die for!

2- STK the Midtown Branch

1114 6th Avenue.
The cool and hip STK located in Midtown West is a great place to go and enjoy prime cuts, seafood and meats. STK brings with its high status a more modern twist on the traditional steakhouse with a lounge DJ and a wide seating arrangement with outdoor seats during the summer and spring seasons. The interior design and decor of the midtown branch is almost unforgettable as soon as you walk in. Skylights that are oddly shaped in curved coils overhead create a very unique atmosphere in which the bustle of the dining guests can be echoed in this large, yet small atmospheric space.

3- Upstairs at ’21’

21 West 52nd Street.
The truly hidden gem of Club 21 is already mysterious as it is, that we had to include the Upstairs restaurant in our top 5 list. The Upstairs at the 21 Club is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants of the Neighborhood. With a multitude of choice between the Bar, the Lounge and the Upstairs, three separate atmospheres and ambiences for you to choose from, you’ll have a memorable dining experience surrounded by exquisite wall decor and interior design. The menu is not only stylish but impeccably elegant and varies from Seafood, Meats to Pasta and simpler dishes yet all are made with truly unique twists. There aren’t enough reasons in the world why you shouldn’t explore this truly hidden gem!

4- The Modern

9 West 53rd Street.
Cosily tucked away and hidden in the Moma, this amazing French and Modern American culinary mix is truly a remarkable gem. Adorned with two Michelin Stars, it is no doubt that The Modern has made it to our top 5 list. The eating and dining experience at The Modern is not only symbolic of its emplacement within the MoMa, it is also an artistic yet culinary experience at the same time. The executive chef Abram Bissell spearheads a three part culinary experience. The first is in the MoMa dining room overlooking the Gardens. The second is in the Bar Room and the third is at the personal Kitchen Table. All three of these experiences vary wildly in terms of atmosphere, ambience and culinary taste. We most definitely recommend The Modern at least once in your life.

5- Lilly’s Craft and Kitchen

675 9th Avenue.
Lilly’s Craft and Kitchen possesses an authentic and rustic atmosphere, reflected with its rustic interior, brick walls and leather bar seats. We’ve mostly enjoyed this restaurant for late lunch and early dinner and as such, we’d recommend you do the same as the bustle and joyful atmosphere is just starting! Don’t be put off by the outside looks of the restaurant as it may resemble a Lower East Side drinking spot for college students. Just be sure to enjoy their happy hour until 8:00PM and their great tap beer variety.