5 Places You Should Eat at in Murray Hill

Checking out the Murray Hill Neighborhood? We’ll pre-fill your stomach with plenty of great food suggestions so you won’t have to go hungry a second longer! Check out our top 5 top food spots for Murray Hill below:

1- Kokage by Kajitsu

125 East 39th Street
Kokage by Kajitsu, related to the Kajitsu restaurant at the same address, is the non-vegetarian variable of Kajitsu. The culinary experience you will receive at Kokage, or at Kajitsu, is not only authentically Japanese but it is uniquely fine in its approach of seasonal ingredient in plates such as Curry Udon, or their renown “Whole Saba-Zushi”, the wholesome 9-10 slices culinary experience reflecting the traditional Kyoto approach of rolling sushi rice in loaf-shaped rolls with cured sliced mackerel.

2- Hakubai

66 Park Avenue South.
Located within the Kitano Hotel, a beautifully designed classy boutique hotel, is Hakubai – an unforgettable Japanese restaurant that offers traditional Kaseiki (the traditional multi-course dinner approach). Hakubai’s interior design is not only beautiful and minimal, but it is also powerfully transporting as upon entering, you’ll feel as if you’ve left New York City and were sent to Japan almost immediately!

3- Villa Berulia

107 East 34th Street.
The Villa Berulia restaurant is a unique culinary mix of Croatian and Italian cuisine, located just off the corner of Park Avenue. Known for its subtle entrance and high-class interior design and finishes, this restaurant remains of the most important hidden gems of Murray Hill, with clients ranging from Andrew Cuomo to Hillary Clinton, you can be sure that Villa Berulia’s service is of utmost quality as well as distinctively recognized for its tasteful menu.

4- Wokuni

327 Lexington Avenue.
Wokuni’s menu as well as interior design is a memorable treat. If you ever find yourself in the Murray Hill Neighborhood, be sure to pass by and try some of their sake’s within their extensive menu list as well as their izakaya dishes and skewers. The interior design has a truly special ambiance with its dim lighting for dinner, or casually lit during lunch. The most memorable aspects of your dinner will be the culinary experience but the design and high ceilings of this restaurant as well, making the restaurant almost picturesque.

5- Sons Of Thunder

204 East 38th Street.
One of New York City’s recently favored foods and quick-bites has strayed towards Poké bowls for their organic freshness and natural ingredients. Sons of Thunder falls in the great mix of being highly natural in sourcing their ingredients, with daily delivered pure fish (never frozen or chemically treated) and being made fast! The Poké bowls are customizable by you and you’ll find a simple yet effective selection of beers, wines and sake if you’re in need of a quick pick me up!


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