New York No-Fee Luxury Rentals

The New York City rental market can often be overwhelming and complicated for its renown use of terms such as “Fee”, “No Fee”, “Gross Rent” and “Net Rent”. However, fear not! We’ve dedicated this page to simplify the notion of no fee luxury rentals and no fee apartments in New York City. At Array Property Group, we specialize in no fee luxury apartments (though we sometimes do fee buildings too!). Keep that word No Fee handy as we break down the basics of looking for a luxury apartment in New York City.

A No Fee Apartment is an apartment that does not require the client/You to pay your broker a finder’s fee for getting you to move in to a specific apartment. When moving into a No Fee Apartment in NYC or a No Fee Luxury Rental, you’ll only have to cover the basic expenses of the Application Fee, Usually One Month Security Deposit and One Month’s Rent upfront. Some added expenses may appear for amenities/services the building provide.

The important distinction between Fee and No Fee is that the broker that shows you properties and listings will get paid in different ways. With no-fee listings, the burden of paying the broker’s fee does not fall upon you. At Array Property Group, we are solely No-Fee Agents and Brokers, so you’ll never have to worry about covering our expenses!

That is entirely up to you! The main difference for you, between both No Fee Apartments in Nyc and Fee Apartments is the amount of fees you will receive upon signing your lease. If you decide you don’t like the apartments you saw with a no fee broker or the no fee apartments themselves, you can venture out of the no fee zone and find yourself fee apartments. In this case, you’ll have to cover the broker’s fees yourself. We usually recommend doing no fee luxury rentals as it saves you money upon the initial lease signing as you won’t have to pay your broker’s expenses!

There are plenty of ways that you can look for no fee apartments in new york ! You can either fill out the form on our Homepage, or you can check out websites like StreetEasy and RentHop and select the option that allows you to view no fee only. By doing so, you’ll be shown listings of apartments that are no fee only. Additionally, feel free to contact us if you need help looking for no fee apartments or luxury rentals, it’s what Array Property Group specializes in!

Finding the right broker or real estate agent is, in our opinion, one of the most crucial aspects before you set out on a search of finding your ideal apartment. Why is it so important? Because in a city that is constantly bustling and high paced, it is of utmost importance to work with someone who is dedicating their time and focus on you! The most important qualities you should find in a broker or agent are that they are attentive to your needs – that they know the details of what makes an apartment ideal for you – that they are social and friendly and passionate about working with you – that they have a considerate amount of experience in the neighborhoods you are researching in – and most important of all, that you feel comfortable with them!

Don’t worry about it! We’ve got you covered with our very own Approval Process webpage that will help you solve any issues you might fall into.

Array Property Group has your back when it comes to relocating! We’ll get you settled in your favorite neighborhood in no time and we’ll even make sure you know what’s near your new apartment! Make sure you check out our Relocating Services page so you know what to expect from us and how we can help you relocate. 

Studios for Rent

Array Property Group specializes in no fee apartments and luxury rental buildings that have a wide variety of studio apartments. The majority of people looking for apartments in New York City tend to go for the studio apartments first before thinking of wider spaces like 1 bedrooms.

The most conventional availabilities for Studio fall into the regular cookie cutter floor plans but beyond these conventional floor plans, studios can vary quite a bit. You’ll often find the most popular variation of the Studio apartment is the studio with a home office, which can surprisingly be quite larger than an average one bedroom in some apartment buildings. These studio apartments can often be found in neighborhoods such as Soho, Tribeca and the Financial District. These studios tend to be larger in size due to their reconverted nature, from old former warehouses or converted office buildings and as such, these types of home office + studio apts can often have high ceilings and loft-like features. A good example of this type of studio can be found at the Archive building at 666 Greenwich Street, which is now a luxury rental building but has been recently converted over from an old archive building. Many studios available at this building are duplex apartments that have spectacular ceilings that are a lot higher than most studios you’ll find. 

Other types of no fee studio apartments you can find around New York City are studios with sleeping alcoves, commonly found in super luxury buildings such as The American Copper Building, Emerald Green, Silver Towers and Sky.

An interesting point to remember when actively searching for apartments near you and in New York City is that studios are usually less expensive than one bedrooms even if they happen to have a larger square footage. 

Beyond the usual cookie cutter floor plan for studios, you’ll often find more extensive types of layouts (studios actually have some of the most expansive types of layouts than any other bedroom apartments) such as the following:

  • Alcove studios 
  • Studios with a sleeping area 
  • Studios with a sleeping alcove and a home office
  • Studios with an outdoor space 
  • Straight, square studios without a sleeping area or a home office. 
  • Studios that are a convertible one bedroom – also known as a junior 1 bedroom. 

In Array Property Group’s experience, our favorite studios to work with and some client favorites are

  • Fairfax (69th Street and 3rd)
  • 50 Murray
  • 666 Archive
  • Emerald Green
  • American Copper
  • The Sky Building
  • 19 Dutch Street
  • 8 Spruce Street
  • Hawthorn Park
  • MiMa

50 Murray tends to be a popular choice due to its renovated interior architecture; 50 Murray used to be an IRS building and now it is a renovated luxury rental with loft-like features such as highly sought out for spacious studios and high ceilings.  

The Fairfax building holds a great popularity for similar reasons as it used to be a Federal Building for the FBI. It has now been renovated as a quirky and cool luxury rental that boasts a wide variety of different floor plans (due to its previous office layouts, making a lot of the studios in this building truly unique).

1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent

Array Property Group works with a wide variety of buildings that have 1 bedroom apartments for rent as well as no fee luxury 1 bedrooms. Most people usually look for a one bedroom apartment if they need more space or if they prefer some sort of separation between the living area and the sleeping area. It’s also often the case that people are looking for a 2 bedroom but don’t need that much space, so they often resort to looking for a 1 bedroom with a larger dining area (this is also a great way to find larger spaces that end up being slightly less expensive than a full 2 bedroom). One of the most conventional option for 1 bedroom apartments are the straight forward apartments often referred to as cookie cutter one bedrooms, due to their simple interior outlay and floor plan.

Beyond the straight forward 1 bedroom floor plans, you’ll often find some more unique and unconventional interior arrangements such as the following:

The one bedroom flex 2: a one bedroom that allows for an interior pressure wall to be added in the middle of the living room in order to separate the one bedroom into a smaller divided two bedroom. A similar one bedroom option to the one bedroom flex 2 is the one br convertible to two bedroom, where the one br has a dining alcove that can be converted into a second bedroom or sleeping area.

The one bedroom apt that has an included home office, usually a small area with no windows (though you may be lucky and find those rare apartments that offer a home office area with windows!), is also a popular option for people looking for some extra space.

Array Property Group has also worked with many one bedrooms that have either a home office and a dining area, or a dining area and two full baths. These one bedrooms are highly sought after for their large space and high popularity on the market.

Overall, one bedroom sizes range anywhere from 550 square feet for a junior 1 bedroom and can go up to approximately 1400 for a convertible 2 bedroom with 2 full baths and in some cases a library/ home office. 

Our favorite No Fee apartment building that offers 1 bedroom apartments for rent is the Grand Tier, located on 1930 Broadway. The Grand Tier has some truly unique and rare finds when it comes to one bedrooms. The average and approximate monthly rent for their 1BR’s usually range anywhere from $4500 and can go up to $7500. 

Two Bedroom Apartment For Rent

Array Property Group specializes in no fee luxury apartments and buildings that have 2 bedroom apartments for rent. The majority of people look for a two bedroom apartment when they need more space than the regular 1 bedroom outlay or the larger types of one bedrooms. The most conventional availability for 2 bedroom apartments often fall into the regular cookie cutter floor plans. Beyond the usual cookie cutter floor plan, you’ll often find more extensive types of two bedroom apartments such as the following:

The two bedroom flex 3: a two bedroom that allows for an interior pressure wall to be added in the middle of the living room or one of the bedrooms in order to separate the two bedroom into a smaller divided three bedroom. A similar two bedroom option to the 2 BR flex 3 is the two bedroom with a dining area that is convertible to 3 bedrooms. In Array Property Group’s experience, 505 West 37th Street is a luxury no fee rental building that offers some of the best that the market has to offer in terms of 2 bedroom convertible into three bedrooms at a great price.

Another type of two bedroom are the two bedrooms with a home office or a library that can serve as a guest room. These tend to be more rare on the rental market and are often found in condos or sale listings.

When specifically searching for two bedroom apartments, Array Property Group would recommend looking at the luxury rental building 222 West 80th street; a spectacular and luxurious no-fee building that has recently finished its construction. Its grand opening was in 2018 and the building does not have any smaller floor plan layouts than 2 bedrooms, making it a great apartment building to search for 2 bedroom apartments. The building has some of the highest quality finishes and luxurious touches, such as remote control operated window shades, adjustable lighting as well as heated floors. Another building that Array Property Group would recommend viewing for its luxurious finishes and high quality apartments is the New York Plaza which features large floor plans and large two bedrooms, which all possess incredible ceilings, viking and subzero finishes and very large layouts. 

Overall, the square footage range for 2 bedrooms tends to range anywhere from 900 square feet to roughly 1650 square feet (though some units can go above this square footage).

3 Bedroom Apartments

Array Property Group mainly works with no fee luxury buildings that possess studios, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments, with fewer 3 bedroom apartment options though the possibility of renting a 3 bedroom is still possible. 

The market for 3 bedroom apartments tend to be more competitive in leasing due to their large spaces and as such, the most conventional cookie cutter 3 bedroom is the most sought floor plan. There are also a handful of ways that you could end up with a 3 bedroom without actively seeking for one, for example many clients choose to rent a 2 bedroom apartment and flex it into a 3 bedroom.

The following is a brief and short list of apartments that you could alternate into a 3 bedroom to fit your spacing and room requirements:

  • The two bedroom flex 3 floor plan
  • The two bedroom with a dining area (to then convert into 3 bedroom apt)
  • Two bedroom apartments that convert an interior home office or library space into a 3BR apt. 

Some of Array Property Group’s favorite buildings to work with when it comes to 3 bedroom apartments are the following:

  • Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village
  • 45 Wall Street
  • Herald Towers
  • 30 west 63
  • Hawthorn Park
  • Grand Tier
  • Aire
  • Sessanta 60
  • Via 57
  • MiMA
  • Aalto 67
  • 2 Sutton Place North
  • Lucerne
  • American Cooper
  • 685 First Avenue
  • New York by Gehry
  • 456 Washington
  • 55 Thomson

These buildings tend to be our first choices in larger floor plan units and apartments for rent, due to their approach to flexing bedrooms. They also tend to be the most approachable in Nyc and Manhattan in terms of scheduling and viewings.

Overall, the square footage range for 2 bedrooms tends to range anywhere from 1200 square feet to roughly 1700 square feet (though some units can go above this square footage).

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