Luxury Apartments NYC: Manhattan Or Brooklyn?

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Manhattan or Brooklyn?

In recent real estate rental trend changes, Brooklyn has gained immense popularity as a new place to look for luxury apartments as well as for nyc no fee apartments. The constant construction and variety of new amenities being added to many Brooklyn neighborhoods makes it an inviting alternative to Manhattan for many.

Read below to find out whether you’re best suited to look for luxury apartments in Manhattan or Brooklyn and why!

Both Manhattan and Brooklyn have been growing at incredible rates; not only in terms of new luxury buildings being built but as well in terms of new neighborhood additions. Renting apartments in nyc can be difficult, so we thought we’d simplify some of the decision making by letting you know the differences between luxury apartments in Manhattan, and those in Brooklyn.

Before you go ahead, you should have an idea of what approximate monthly rent you’d like, the commuting times to your office, quality of life and if you have any specific luxury building amenities in mind.

Prioritize what’s important to You

Before diving into the real estate luxury apartments and no fee apartments in nyc, you should most definitely figure out what your top priorities are in the apartments you’ll be searching for. If you’re not sure what to start with, check through these few basics first:

What kind of vibe do you want, how far are you willing to walk to your grocery store or work? Does the neighborhood need to have a cultural or night life scene? How many food options do you need in your close surroundings for you to feel content? Most important of all, the commute! How far away from friends and work are you willing to live?

Now that you’ve given some thought to these basic things, let’s explore the major differences between Manhattan and Brooklyn for luxury apartments for rent. Let’s start with commute:

The Commute Between Manhattan and Brooklyn

It’s no surprise that commuting within Manhattan might be a lot easier than commuting from Brooklyn to Manhattan. However, it is also important to note that commuting within Manhattan during peak rush hours often results in double waiting times for trains.

In reality, the differences between commute times within Manhattan when compared to within Brooklyn, are almost impossible to compare since they are both equally well connected through many subway lines and buses. The most important question when thinking of commute is how far away your apartment will be situated from both your social life and professional life.

Always be on the look out for specific subway lines that stop close by to your office so that when you begin your apartment search (with or without an agent or broker) you can specify searching for apartments near that specific subway line.

What are you looking for in a Building?

Are you mainly looking at luxury apartments in nyc that are closely located to vibrant nightlife? Or would you rather be located in a bustling street with constant things to do? Or would you rather have a more open sky unobstructed by skyscrapers?

The answer to these questions will allow you to apartment search more effectively. Additional questions you might want to consider are whether you are looking for specific amenities in your luxury apartment. Are you hoping to have a parking space included with your apartment? If you are, then it is most likely that you’ll find buildings that offer this at a much larger rate in Brooklyn than in Manhattan (though many buildings in Manhattan offer this amenity).

Other amenities people tend to look for are fitness/gyms in the building, rooftop access for tenants and member lounges. These amenities tend to be universally included in almost all luxury buildings in NYC, and both Brooklyn and Manhattan.

If you’re specifically wanting to move into a luxury apartment with innovative designs and tall buildings with 40+ floors, then Manhattan might be your best bet. This is not to say that Brooklyn does not have buildings which have high floors, it is just that the density and total amount of sky scraper luxury apartment buildings are more present in Manhattan.

Now that we’ve covered some aspects of amenities, design and space that you’d be needing in your luxury apartment, let’s mention some popular buildings in both Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Luxury Apartments NYC:

It is no surprise that apartments for rent nyc no fee in Manhattan are renown to be located in skyscrapers, or in immediate adjacency to skyscrapers. In comparison to Manhattan, most luxury apartments in Brooklyn tend to be located close to skyscrapers, although the number of luxury buildings is much lower than in Manhattan.

Additionally, many luxury apartments in Brooklyn can also be found in loft spaces and modernized townhouses. The space of units in Brooklyn tends to be slightly larger than those in Manhattan — though this is not always the case, it is usually found that the price per square footage is lower in Brooklyn than in Manhattan.

We’ve compiled a short list of some popular Buildings below with a brief description of their amenities so you’ll know what to expect when apartment searching for no fee rentals nyc! Additionally, be sure to checkout our Neighborhood page so you can get a feel of the average rent per neighborhood!

Apartments No Fee NYC and Luxury Apartment Buildings for Rent:

Below is a short list of 5 luxury rental apartments and buildings that you should most definitely have a look out before beginning your apartment search. These buildings have been chosen due to their high popularity and great amenities as well as location!

1. American Copper Building

Built in 2017 with just over 700 luxury apartments for rent, The American Copper Building has stood out for its truly incredible architecture and ideal location. Situated just south of the United Nations Plaza and by the East River, the views from most units at the American Copper Buildings are highly sought for!

The building’s copper architecture and modern interior design is an ideal search for anyone looking to move into a luxury apartment in Midtown East and the Murray Hill Neighborhood. Since the American Copper Building is comprised of two buildings, the West and East unit, you’re guaranteed to find a unit to your liking due to their huge inventory!

Did we mention the incredible amenities offered at the American Copper? From a rooftop bar to a sky-bridge with a pool; incredible full sized gyms and spas, and private parking. What’s not to love!

2. 19 Dutch Street

The recently finished 19 Dutch, situated in the very heart of the Financial District is a truly remarkable building, with a unique interior design and luxurious finishes. It’s ideal location sets it in immediate closeness to almost every subway train line as well as Path trains and ferries, making it a very popular choice for most people searching for apartments no fee in nyc.

The studio apartments for rent at 19 Dutch Street tend to be some of the most popular in the neighborhood due to their incredible pricing when compared to the current market rates. The building’s amenity package is also a truly unique one, as 19 Dutch offers a sleekly designed lounge area for its residents, a rooftop on the 64th floor.

The most popular amenity at 19 Dutch is the Hello Alfred. concierge service, which will pair each tenant with a dedicated concierge. The concierge will clean your apartment, take your pets out, get your groceries and many more services!

3. The Sky Building

The infamous and highly popular building, The Sky, is an incredible luxury rental apartment building located in the Midtown West and Hell’s Kitchen Neighborhood. It’s stunning offered amenities make it an extremely popular option for people searching for luxury apartments no fee in Midtown Manhattan.

Some of the building’s amenities range from pools, lounges and athletic facilities, a private furnished park for its residents, a full size basketball court, resident lounges with libraries and fireplaces and many more! One of the most popular amenities at this building is the spectacular sky-deck area that possesses two zero edge pools and spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline.

The interior design and units at the Sky Building are also highly popular due to their unique Italian finishes in each kitchen, the spectacular views from the building’s luxury apartments, and most importantly, the balcony units that are highly sought out.

4. 60 Water Street

Situated in the popular DUMBO area, the 60 Water Street building is still a great recent luxury apartment building as it finished construction in 2015. With a total of 17 floors and 234 apartments, the building isn’t overwhelmingly large and is perfectly situated in the heart of DUMBO, allowing for most units to have truly spectacular views of either the Manhattan skyline, or the Brooklyn Bridge and East River.

The building’s external glass architecture makes it stand out as a beautifully designed luxury apartment in nyc. The building boasts great amenities such as a fitness center, an included garage for its residents, a 24 hour concierge and a bike room!

The interior design of most units including the studio apartments for rent, are minimal and modern which truly brings out the high quality finishes of this luxury apartment building. Not to mention the incredible rooftop which is an incredible addition to have to your luxury apartment during those beautiful summer days!

5. 1 Queens Plaza South

Built in 2016 with an impressive total of 391 apartments, the 1 Queens Plaza South, located in the heart of the up and coming Long Island City neighborhood, is really worth checking out during your apartment search. If you’re looking for perfectly priced studio apartments for rent within a great building and cool and bustling neighborhood, then 1 Queens Plaza South might be for you!

The building immediately stands out from its surroundings as a beautiful glass pillar, 44 stories high. The interior design of the studio apartments and overall building is truly unique in its attention to detail, hardwood floors and mix of concrete and LED lighting.

The Amenities at 1 Queens Plaza South (also referred to as 1QPS) range from a breathtaking pool and rooftop lounge, a gym filled with professional equipment and hosts regular fitness classes. There are also resident lounges with communal kitchens, theater media rooms and game rooms with pool and poker tables! A hugely popular amenity in this building is the fact that the Stonehenge management company hosts over a hundred complimentary resident events throughout the year, making it a truly special and unique place to live at!