How to View Apartments during the Coronavirus

how to stay safe during coronavirus apartment search

how to stay safe during coronavirus apartment search

Since the beginning of the outbreak of Coronavirus, many prospective renters are at a heightened state of concern regarding their apartment searching situation and how they can safely view apartments during this pandemic. The spreading of Coronavirus in NYC has been rapidly rising in the first two weeks of March 2020.

However, in this current state of panic and distress, it is important to remain calm and to acknowledge certain steps on how you can remain safe and healthy during your apartment search. We’ve compiled a short list of bullet points based on CDC’s regulations and safety tips as well as an insight into what we do and how we can help you view apartments safely during the COVID-19.

How to safely view apartments during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Searching for luxury apartments for rent in nyc or luxury apartments is usually a straight forward task. With no fee broker services such as ours at Array Property Group, we run extensive listings research in your preferred neighborhoods and within your preferred price range as to save you time and effort. Once we’ve compiled a good list of luxury apartments for rent we’ll get you scheduled to start viewing apartments!

However, since the COVID-19 Outbreak, many interactions that we are used to have drastically changed. The way we shop for groceries, order food and enjoy every day activities have now been regulated and changed for the safety and implementation of social distancing. You’ll be happy to hear that at Array Property Group, we have taken precautionary steps as well as adapted to this current situation by offering virtual viewings to every apartment you wish to see.

How does this process change during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic?

Firstly, it’s important to stay safe during this heightened time of alert and it is important to follow CDC guidelines, especially when viewing several apartments.

The CDC states the most important step is reducing contact between people who may or may not be infected. The COVID-19 mainly spreads through respiratory droplets or when you have come into close contact with someone infected and have not properly sanitized your hands.

The following steps are deemed precautions when viewing apartments:

  1. Wash your hands often, for at least 20 seconds with water and soap. If you do not have access to water and soap, you can sanitize your hands with a hand sanitizer that must contain at least 60% alcohol.
  2. Avoid close contact with others and keep a six feet distance from others when you can.
  3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.

As we have seen in the past several weeks, the outbreak has gotten worst and more and more New Yorkers have been required to stay at home for their safety. In accordance to safety measures put in place by the Government and guidelines beset by the CDC, we have approached the issue of the Coronavirus outbreak with a solution to all our clients and prospective renters looking to rent luxury apartments in NYC.

Array Property Group offers Virtual Viewings of all apartments in NYC:

Since close contact and proximity to others have been shown to increase the spread of the coronavirus, we have implemented a virtual viewings approach to help everyone continue their housing and apartment search in a safe and hassle-free manner. Below is a walkthrough of how we will help you find your ideal apartment in no time as well as in a stress-free and healthy way!

Array Property Group will run an extensive listings research so you don’t have to worry or use your time to go through hundreds of listings. We will also schedule the appointments around your timetable and make the entire process as seamless and hassle-free as possible. Since viewing apartments physically is not guaranteed to be safe for the time being, we will coordinate with you when is best to schedule either a Facetime call to walk through your preferred apartments and buildings, or we will send you a virtual tour and videos of each apartments so that you can see which are to your liking. Our agents are here to help you every step of the way into finding a perfect apartment for you and we won’t let the coronavirus get in the way of you finding your dream apartment!

Remember, stay safe at home and let us do all the research and virtual bookings for you. All you have to do is fill out our simple form on our homepage, or contact us and we will begin searching apartments that fit your ideal preferences. From then on, you can expect a list of buildings we think would fit your criteria. After this, we will begin sending you information, virtual tours and videos of each apartment so that you can begin choosing which ones you prefer the most!

A Brief Walkthrough of the Process of Apartment Viewing With Us:

  • Begin by telling us what your ideal apartment would feel and look like by filling out our form on our website. Once you’ve filled out the form, one of our many friendly agents will get back to you hastily.
  • Once the agent has gotten back to you, you will receive a wide range of apartment buildings that fit your preferences and criteria for an ideal apartment. We will run a high quality research to find every possible availability for you all without you breaking a sweat!
  • After having discussed and reviewed some of the buildings you might be interested in, we will personally get in touch with the buildings you have chosen and set up a virtual viewing of the apartments so that you can begin viewing apartments asap!
  • The Virtual Walk-Through of units will consist of you receiving High Quality Video Materials showcasing the key features of the luxury apartments for rent that you have chosen to view as well as a digital journey through the building, the amenities and the intricacies of your future apartment.
  • Now that you’ve viewed several amazing luxury apartments for rent in NYC virtually, you will begin choosing which one was the most appropriate for you and we will begin the lease signing arrangement.
  • We will coordinate with the buildings and management so that you can verify the lease information as well as ask us any questions regarding the lease itself. We also offer commission rebates on apartments when you work with us, so you get rewarded and paid too!
  • The final step is to sign the lease online or virtually and send over required documents to finalize the process.
  • Congratulations! You’ve now found yourself a dream apartment and can start looking forward to moving in!

Luxury buildings are taking precautionary steps and heightening cleaning and disinfection:

All luxury buildings in NYC and luxury apartments for rent have undergone a thorough additional health and safety procedure check list in order to guarantee a heightened level of cleanliness during the COVID-19. Of course, these buildings already undertake these steps to clean properties, common areas, elevators and door handles but they are now adding additional disinfectants and reducing the chances of the Coronavirus spreading on surfaces.

Make sure you read up on the CDC’s frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19 so you can apartment search safely and hassle-free!