5 Delicious Food Spots in the Noho Neighborhood

Hungry and running about in the NoHo Neighborhood? We’ll find you an ideal spot to eat in no time, just have a quick read through our top 5 spots to eat at in the Noho Neighborhood and thank us later! Since the Noho neighborhood is relatively small, be sure to walk throughout Lafayette street as the majority of amazing food spots can be found here (of course, there are plenty of other streets with great choices but for this top 5 list, we’ve put all the lafayette street foods!) Get ready for an amazing meal!

1- Indochine

430 Lafayette Street
Located just in front of the Public Theatre, Indochine is somewhat of a culinary and lounge/drinks landmark of Manhattan and the Noho Neighborhood. Indochine has been frequented by all the top celebrities and artists that you’ve ever heard of and has even published a book about the insider stories! It’s interior design is stylish and chic, with a jungle like wallpaper and subtle yet wild atmosphere accompanied by unique cocktails and an authentic French and Vietnamese fusion cuisine. We’d recommend the Shaking Beef plate and the Cucumber and Chili Martini!

2- Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery

380 Lafayette Street.
The highly established Lafayette Grand Café is a must eat-at establishment in Noho. An modern yet hinted old-school interior design brings this brasserie alive with authentic styled French menus and cocktails. The restaurant is split into two parts, with a main dining area and lounge or a smaller café and bakery section if you wish to have smaller bites. If you happen to be in the NoHo neighborhood between Monday to Friday from 4:00PM to 6:30PM then make sure to catch their Happy Hour!

3- Gato

324 Lafayette Street.
The infamous Chef Bobby Flay’s vision of Mediterranean food and interior design have been fully expressed in Gato’s culinary establishment. Located in the heart of NoHo, Gato holds a casual ambiance while at the same time having a bustling central bar. It is said that the name originates from Chef Bobby Flay’s meeting of a cat the day of the viewing of the actual restaurant space. Gato’s approach to the Mediterranean cuisine is not only exquisite but remains subtle in its intricacies, leaving you enjoying every minute of your meal.

4- Alta

372 Lafayette Street.
Alta’s contemporary styled Mexican eatery is a great spot to checkout if you’re in the NoHo neighborhood and are looking for a casual straight forward good meal. Mexican bites with locally sourced ingredients and a great Mezcal list, makes it a must-go to place especially on the weekend. All-day eatery for contemporary Mexican bites with local ingredients, plus coffee, wines & mezcals. Some of our favorite plates vary from the “Arctic Char And Farmer’s Cheese Tostada” to the “Suadero Tacos – Chicharron”.

5- Il Buco

47 Bond Street.
Covered by countless magazines and coveted by many food lovers, Il Buco is a must-visit restaurant for any lover of Italian food and Mediterranean mixes. The memorable interior design of Il Buco, resembling a farmhouse and wine cellar make your culinary experience a truly authentic experience as you taste authenticity in the right environment. It’s dimly lit ambiance and familial management style makes everything almost too good to be true, so make sure you pass by at least once while you’re in Noho!