Top 5 places to eat in the NoMad Neighborhood

Looking for places to eat while you’re walking through the NoMad Neighborhood? Array Property Group has compiled a comprehensive and straight forward top 5 guide just for You! While you’re in NoMad, why not check out things to do while you’re out and about with our top 5 things to do in the NoMad Neighborhood guide!

1- La Pecora Bianca NoMad

1133 Broadway.
The bright and colorful palette of La Pecora Bianca, the NoMad branch, is guaranteed to serve up a delightful ambiance while you visit and enjoy its culinary treats. The menu is centered around Italian cuisine, heavily reliant on locally sourced ingredients and market-foods. It is also a great spot for light wines on tap. La Pecora Bianca offers fantastic Lunch with food options ranging from paninis to pasta, chicken to steak and burgers. If you’re around for dinner, we’d most definitely recommend the Pork Milanese or the Truffle Tagliatelle.

2- The Breslin

16 West 29th Street.
Our Top 5 Places to eat guide in NoMad wouldn’t be a true top five guide if it didn’t include at least one reference to the stylish Ace Hotel, renown throughout Manhattan for being a great hip spot for evening drinks and some branches known for their dining experiences, such as the NoMad branch. The Breslin’s unique decor will make you travel to Great Britain with its strongly referring environment and gastropub ambiance. Large food portions, great energy and high quality service. What more could you want for a quick bite in the NoMad neighborhood!

3- Inday

1133 Broadway.
Looking for a no-frills straight forward make your own meal kind of place? Inday is a great spot for just that! Over the counter served Indian culinary recipes and choose your own proteins style bowl making is what makes Inday so easy to enjoy. Even the interior design is nice, slick and simple as to not overcomplicate your dining experience. Not in the mood to make your own bowl? Inday has a selection of premade bowls based on some popular choices and they don’t disappoint! Our personal favorites are the “Miso Salmon” and the “Green Falafel”.

4- Sweetgreen NoMad Branch

1164 Broadway.
The infamous Sweetgreen branch, famous to any vegetarian or vegan in Manhattan. Sweetgreen is a salad chain that has taken over Manhattan by storm and has kept its popularity ever since its arrival. Its simple and straight forward over the counter serving style and cool clientele has made it a great place to stop by and eat. Sourced with organic, local and fresh ingredients, you’ll be sure to find a salad type to your liking as they have over 30 different types (ranging from seasonal bowls, warm bowls and basic salad mixes).

5- The NoMad Restaurant

1170 Broadway.
The NoMad Restaurant is truly a hidden gem of the neighborhood; its unforgettable interior design and dimly lit atmosphere makes for a truly special culinary experience. Overlooked by Chef Daniel Humm and Restaurateur William Guidara, also known for being the team that spearheaded Eleven Madison Park, are the ones to thank for such a gem. The menu and recipes are intertwined between a french background and a mix of Chef Daniel’s time in New York City, California and Switzerland, creating an eclectic mix of savors that will leave you speechless. We’d most definitely recommend the Duck, pan seared with Fennel and Peaches, or the Foie Gras – tart with Ginger and Blueberries.