Relocation Services

We’ll help you with comfortably settling in.

Just moved to New York City? Whether you’re moving from within the United States or from outside the US, we’ll get you up and running in no time with our brokers and agents. Our expertise and highly dedicated agents will ensure you’re helped with every step of the apartment search (we even have plenty of helpful articles on our website so make sure you check out our Blog, Approval Process page and F.A.Q. page!) Finding an amazing apartment is just the first hurdle when moving to NYC! We’ll help you settle in and find everything you need so you can enjoy your time here at its fullest!

Don’t know New York yet? We’ll help!

Still unsure on how to navigate the confusing looking metro lines and trains? Trying to figure everything that New York City has to offer after having just relocated can be a daunting task for any newcomer. Don’t let it be! We’ll show you around as many neighborhoods as you’d like and we’ll get you feeling comfortable with your new surroundings. At Array Property Group, we enjoy showing our clients New York and we will always enjoy bringing quality service to you. We’ll map our itineraries for you to know how you’ll be getting to your new job and we’ll help you find restaurants, bars and events in your new area! 

100% Personalized and Customized Help

Thankfully, we’re not an enormous office that automates the renting process to its clients. We’re made-up of expert agents and brokers who love what they do and take every single one of their clients very seriously. From the second you contact us, we’ll put you in touch with your personal agent who will go above and beyond, from earth to the moon and back for you – all of this to truly ensure you have an incredible experience and find your ideal apartment. Your personal agent will be a guide to any questions you will have about the relocation process as well as a guide to the City itself!

You won’t even have to pay us for any of these services!

Yes! You read that right! You won’t have to spend a single penny on all the hardwork we’ll do for you, as we explained in the main F.A.Q. page, Array Property Group is a No-Fee Brokerage which means our fees are fully covered by the Owner’s of the Buildings you end up moving into! Seriously… It’s an amazing deal for You! Still unsure what the terms No-Fee mean? Have a look at our About Us page to get a better understanding of all the perks you’ll get for working with us!

Don't let the whole relocating process stress you out!

There’s no need to let the highly stressful process of moving to a new city get to you in the early days of apartment searching. The good news is we’ll take that stress of your hands while you relax and receive hand-picked expert help and top quality no-fee luxury rental listings for you to look through and choose from which you like most. We’ll get you up and running and we’ll help you find that ideal apartment before you even have time to stress out!

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