Soho’s Delicious Italian Styled Food

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You’re in the SoHo Neighborhood and you’re wondering where to eat… You’re thinking you’re in the mood for Italian food but you need help figuring it out… Here you are, in the right place! Look no further, we’ve got a great restaurant that you’ll most definitely enjoy. The Charlie Bird Restaurant, located on 5 King Street is a true culinary pleasure.

It’s American centered restaurant but with its culinary experience is mostly Italian, the New Yorker’s hip joint Charlie Bird is worth a visit while you’re in the Soho Neighborhood. The interior and the overall atmosphere is almost always hip and cool, and you’ll be thrown into a long night of adventures after glimpsing at their wine menu. A unique trait that Charlie Bird always gets absolutely right is their table and restaurant service. We’ve been there numerous times and we’ve never been let down! We won’t take anymore of your time with the details, why don’t you go ahead and salivate over some of their delicious plates below:

The Farro Salad with Cherry Tomatoes, Pistachios, Basil, Radish and of course, Parmigiano!

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The delicious crispy Black Bass accompanied by Clams, Peas, New Potatoes, Artichoke and Carrots:

The impressive aesthetic behind the infamous and highly recommended Hamachi plate with Japanese Lemon, Radish and Chile is absolutely worth ordering. Unless you’re not into Pacific Yellowtail fish, there aren’t many reasons why you wouldn’t want to go for this delicious plate!

Last but not least, how could we ever forget the insatiable Strozzapreti plate! Beset with Sicilian Eggplant Ragu, Smoked Ricotta and Basil, you’ll be transplanted to Italy after your first bite.