Top 5 Go To Places in Soho

Looking for things to do in the Soho Neighborhood? We’ll get you up and running in no time with our super easy to read top 5 places to go to in Soho! Get ready to explore the Ins & Outs of this cool neighborhood! Be sure to not miss out on the top 5 tastiest food spots of Soho!

1- The Canal Street Market

265 Canal Street
Located in the center of the Soho Neighborhood, the Canal Street Market is a great spot to go to for shopping and for food. The conventional layout is comprised of a mix between food markets, vendors (with food types such as Japanese, Korean, Peruvian and Pastries) and pop up retail and art stalls where you can mix food with shopping and pleasure. Before you go to the Canal Street Market, you should check out their events page, you might get there just in time for an event! Shopping includes retail jewelry stores, ceramics, photo exhibitions, menswear, florists and design items.

2- Watch a show at City Winery

155 Varick Street.
The medium sized concert and live performance venue is a great plan to do while you’re in the Soho Neighborhood, just be sure to check out their events page and to get a ticket before you go to Soho. In addition to being a great performance venue, City Winery also offers Mediterranean food and an on-site winery to cover for all your food and drinks needs!

3- The Peter Freeman Inc. Gallery

140 Grand Street.
The Peter Freeman Inc. Gallery is one of Soho’s truly hidden gems. Tucked away on Grand Street, the gallery possess high ceilings and a loft-like floor plan and structure which allows for a great space to soak up the incredible art you’ll be seeing. Representing over 25 artists and showcasing over 40 artists, the Peter Freeman Gallery is definitely a must for any art enthusiast.

4- The Film Forum

209 West Houston Street.
The Film Forum is undoubtedly one of Soho’s great unofficial landmarks. A movie theater that began in 1970 and is a non-profit, with one projector and just under 50 seats, it has now grown slightly larger allowing for four projectors and screens yet remains a great straight forward film experience for any enthusiast of Cinema, Film and Art. Be sure to check what’s playing now, and while they do screen commercial movies, the film forum tends to aim more at an artistic and intellectual genre rather than overproduced commercial films. As Film Forum states: “Film Forum is committed to presenting an international array of films that treat diverse social, political, historical and cultural realities”.

5- The Center for Italian Modern Art (CIMA)

421 Broome Street.
The Center for Italian Modern Art, also referred to as CIMA, is a great art gallery that aims to promote and further the appreciation of Italian modern art and its study. The admission cost is 10$ but is free for students with a valid ID. An important note about CIMA is that its exhibition season only lasts from October until June and is not year round. The tours of the Center for Italian Modern Art offer a free espresso and are led by resident fellows of the Center. Make sure to check out whats on at the moment on their Exhibition Programs page.