5 Must Go To Places in Times Square

If you’re reading this article, you must be planning your excursion to the Times Square Neighborhood! The Neighborhood, so infamous for its billboards and presence in the movies and Manhattan itself, needs no introduction. We’ll keep it straight forward and simple so that you can enjoy as much as you can of this fantastic neighborhood. Hungry while you’re exploring? Check out our top 5 spots to eat in Times Square!

1- The National Geographic Ocean Odyssey

226 West 44th Street.
As you can imagine with the headline of this post, if you decide to go ahead and visit, you’ll be truly embarking on an Odyssey into Oceanic life and culture. The National Geographic Ocean Odyssey is a truly remarkable amenity to the Times Square Neighborhood and brings you close to the oceanic home of many aquatic species, without having to bother them and take them from their homes. The following are the ticketing prices: with Adult tickets starting at $31.50 and Child tickets at $24.50.

2- Madam Tussauds

234 West 42nd Street.
Ever wanted to be surrounded by celebrities but didn’t want to bother them? Wanted a casual selfie with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? Sneak in a hug with Obama? Look no further! Madam Tussauds is an all interactive attraction in the middle of Times Square offering the highest quality wax statues of celebrities and known individuals. You’ll be snapping selfies with no barriers a foot away from these statues so make sure you glam up and prepare yourself to be photographed plenty!

3- Bowlmor Times Square

222 West 44th Street.
A cool gem to be found just west of 44th Street is the Bowlmore Times Square lit by its huge neon and led light out-front. The Bowlmore Times Square is a fun eatery containing many attractions. High quality bowling lanes, a state of the art retro arcade, premium billiard tables and a sports bar; what other attractions could you hope to find in the middle of the Times Square Neighborhood! Be sure to check out their Specials page before you go!

4- The Hyatt Rooftop Times Square

135 West 45th Street.
The Hyatt Hotel itself is a world renown hotel chain and as such, needs no introduction. The Hyatt rooftop and restaurant in Times Square is one of the truly breath taking rooftop views of Manhattan. Hidden away behind the lobby are Hyatt’s high speed elevators that will take you to the 54th floor in under 10 seconds! You’ll be getting a perfect mix of craft cocktails, organically sourced food and truly exquisite drink bites (try the caramel popcorn beef jerky!).

5- OMEscape

325 West 38th Street #2.
Unlike many other escape room activities, the many reviews boasted on their websites have claimed that OMEscape is far better than any other escape room. Every session lasts 70 minutes and you have a wide choice of options in terms of Escape Games, ranging from the Laboratory of Biohazard, The Penitentiary, The Time Continuum. Makes sure to be a total of at least 4 people as it is the minimum suggested party size.