Hungry? 5 Food Spots in Times Square for you!

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Are you hungry and in the Times Square neighborhood? We’ll get you finding some delicious food spots in no time with our quick top 5 food spots of Times Square.

1- Carmine’s Restaurant

200 West 44th Street.
A very spacious restaurant and wide angled booths make Carmine’s restaurant a constantly bustling atmosphere where traditional Italian recipes are served the traditional way. Bustling restaurant with enormous portions of traditional Italian dishes served family style. The interior design is also very aimed towards a traditional Italian ambiance, with red leather sets and white clothed tables. Be sure to checkout the Rigatoni Country Style and the Bolognese Meat Sauce.

2- Sushi of Gari

#3815, 347 West 46th Street.
The restaurant Sushi of Gari, located in the heart of the Times Square Neighborhood, is a great place to eat acclaimed Omakase and a wide range of Nigiri and Sashimi. The prices for the trade of high value are surprisingly a great bargain, especially for the Times Square Neighborhood. Its subtle entrance makes for a very intimate setting and an almost fully traditional Japanese experience, the only thing they’d need more is to actually be in Japan! Want to be left in awe of true sushi craftsmanship? Checkout their Signature Sushi Page!

3- R Lounge at Two Times Square

714 7th Avenue.
Ever wanted to look over Times Square without actually having to be within the Square? Look no further! The R Lounge at Two Times Square, located inside the Renaissance Hotel in Times Square, is an ambient and laid-back lounge overlooking Times Square itself with floor to ceiling windows. The kitchen is overlooked by Executive Chef John Hayes and the menu boasts a great Lounge Bites Style culinary experience while you soak up the bustling movement of Times Square below!

4- Bea – Restaurant & Bar

403 W 43rd Street.
The Bea is a truly hidden gem of the Times Square Neighborhood. A small intimate brick walled bar with great food and small plates is a guaranteed little get away from the all bustling neighborhood of Times Square. With Brunch prefixed menus for 26$ and Cheese & Meat Platters for 26$ over dinner drinks, its hard to say no to spending a casual evening at the Bea. The dinner menu itself boasts an interesting variety between pasta, meats and pizza. The cocktail menu is also worth mentioning for its uniqueness and thirst quenching abilities to constantly make you want more!

5- Añejo

668 10th Ave.
A modern Mexican restaurant specializing in small plates and a laid-back casual atmosphere. The interior design is a relaxed and rustic outlay making for a real cosy ambient atmosphere. Be sure to go through their thorough drinks list, with some of the most unique approaches to cocktail making we’ve seen in the Times Square Neighborhood! Some of our favorites are El Padrino, Cinco Sol, Violet Chachki and the occasional cocktail of the week!


Still hungry? Maybe not for food, but how about some more exploring! Here’s a quick link to our top 5 things to checkout while you’re in the Times Square Neighborhood.