The 5 Tastiest Spots of Tribeca

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Looking for where to eat in the bustling Tribeca Neighborhood? Look no further! We’ve compiled a brief but extensively researched list of where to solve your hunger. Be prepared because these restaurants are all to die for. While you quiet down that hunger of yours, be sure to check out our top 5 places to go to in Tribeca so you really get fully exploring!

1- Bâtard

239 West Broadway
Open six nights a week for dinner, Bâtard remains one of the most exclusive and highly sought out dinner spots of Tribeca. The consistently high quality service and one Michelin star rating make this restaurant a necessary must if you’re ever in the Tribeca Neighborhood. A chic interior design with walls that almost feel like they are made of gold with a strong yellow tint make the ambience a special delight. Bâtard also has an incredibly extensive wine list boasting over 800 wines as well as a full bar with all cocktails available. We have never found an excuse not to go!

2- Marc Forgione

134 Reade Street.
You may recall or have heard of the name Marc Forgione before; that’s because he won “The Next Iron Chef” during Season 3 and has been in the Manhattan food scene since. His restaurant explores a strong and effective approach to “farm-to-table” ambience with lowly lit and relaxed environments. Have a look at their Menus and get your breathe taken away at the delicate sounds of the Starters and Followups. Marc Forgione is also the youngest Chef in New York City to ever receive a Michelin Star, giving you all the more reasons to check out his restaurant in the Tribeca Neighborhood!

3- The Landmarc Tribeca

179 West Broadway.
The Landmarc Tribeca, ideally located on West Broadway, is a straightforward French and Italian culinary experience that is guaranteed to never disappoint. After 13 years of having been an open door restaurant, The Landmarc closed to the public and is only available via reservation. Although this may seem like a tighter way into the restaurant, it actually relaxes the atmosphere and makes your culinary and dining experience almost family like, with closer attention to each customer and a more personal approach to cooking.

4- Locanda Verde

377 Greenwich Street.
The Locanda Verde Restaurant, located inside Robert De Niro’s The Greenwich Tribeca Hotel, never disappoints in terms of urban inspired semi-Italian recipes. The rustic and old school interior creates an almost cosy atmosphere though the usual clientele brings with it an interesting and positive bustle and energy. Our favorite dishes are both the “Duck Arrosto almond crema & sweet cherries” and the “Milk-Fed Veal Chop zucchini al forno, charred tomato, piccata jus”.

5- Mulberry & Vine

73 Warren Street.
The infamous Mulberry & Vine, a restaurant known for its healthy and well sourced ingredients, is a great restaurant to visit while in the Tribeca Neighborhood. The two story restaurant is almost too simple and straight forward at first perception, but don’t let its looks fool you, the food is spectacularly good. With simple options such as an over the counter choice of Plate or Bowl, you can go ahead and pick what to add to your plate. Have a quick look through the Menu, you’ll be surprised by how delicious the ingredients sound!