Top 5 Go To Places in Tribeca

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We’ve got a great top 5 go to places in Tribeca Neighborhood guide below made just for You! Exclusively for you to get to know the ins & outs of the neighborhood and enjoy yourself. Be sure to check out our other top 5 guide for the best food spots that Tribeca has to offer!

1- The Mysterious Bookshop

#1099, 58 Warren St
Located in the center of Tribeca, the Mysterious Bookshop is a specialty bookstore that sells crime & suspense books ranging from new, collectible, rare and used quality. Originally opened in 1979, the Mysterious Bookshop was previously located higher up in midtown, though now it is in Tribeca. The store hours are the following: Open 6 days a week, from Monday to Saturday and opens at 11:00AM until 7:00PM.

2- Poets House

10 River Terrace.
The Poets House is one of Tribeca’s beloved hidden gems. A large public library for poetry that overlooks the Hudson River and hosts a number of events ranging from workshops to talks and public readings. If you’re interested in attending one of the events, click on the following Events link to be redirected to their page and have a feel of what they do. With over 60,000 poetry publications in its library, Poets House remains a crucial visit to any lover of writing and poetry.

3- Pier 25

West Street.
The Pier 25 is a popular hotspot in Tribeca for its amazing available amenities. Amenities such as miniature golf, volleyball with sand courts, historic vessels and boat docking, children’s playground and skateparks. The vast array of these options make Pier 25 a great spot to visit while you’re in the Tribeca neighborhood. The Pier 25 is also a little secret between neighbors of the Tribeca Neighborhood as being one of the best places to view sunsets as the Chelsea Piers tend to get more crowded due to the high-line, the Tribeca Piers don’t get as crowded!

4- Mmuseumm

4 Cortlandt Alley,.
Mmuseumm is easily one of the most breathtaking and interesting art exhibitions we’ve ever seen in New York City. Bringing Object Journalism to life by exhibiting 13 hand picked items and curating them in a minimalist environment, Mmuseumm is inviting the viewer to expand his and hers opinions on current world events through every item representing a greater picture. We’d most definitely recommend viewing their picked items. The Mmuseumm are also having an exhibition at the Color Factory with a collection of 100+ items if you’d want to continue down the road of Object Journalism.

5- The Tribeca Film Festival

50 Varick Street.
The first Tribeca Film Festival began in May 2002 and has been an iconic event recognized throughout the world for its artistic input to the world of film and cinema. Although the Tribeca Film Festival is not year round and you cannot visit the event without tickets and the right time of the year, we thought it’d be important to add it to the top 5 list to emphasize its presence in the Tribeca Neighborhood and how when the film festival starts, the entire Tribeca Neighborhood lights up with a special New York aura and energy.