Best 5 Spots of the Upper East Side

Welcome to the beautiful Upper East Side Neighborhood, known for the Gallery Mile and its old history. Now that you’re here, let us get you up and running with a top 5 list of where to go and if you get hungry while exploring the neighborhood, we’ve also got a top 5 food spots to checkout!

1- Neue Galerie

1048 5th Avenue.
The German and Austrian Art & Design Museum the Neue Galerie is often overlooked when compared to some of the bigger more contemporary and famous galleries that Manhattan has to offer. However, Neue Galerie is not just a hidden gem, it is a hidden treasure of art and design. Before your visit, get yourself acquainted with their current exhibitions. The Neue Galerie’s Mission Statement explains that their main goal is to build a stronger understanding of Germanic culture and to embrace New York City’s artistic scene. We most definitely recommend this great art gallery.

2- The Met Breuer

945 Madison Avenue.
The overarching architectural design of the Met Breuer will ensure that if you’ve ever been, you’ll forever remember it. Not only does its architecture stand out from the Upper East Neighborhood, but it is hard to find similar architectural buildings in Manhattan that are similar. The Met Breuer specializes in modern and contemporary art and has some of the most interesting exhibitions we’ve seen in New York City; so be sure to check The Met Breuer’s current exhibitions .

3- Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian

2 East 91st Street.
The Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian is an American Design Museum located in the Upper East Side Neighborhood. Its main artistic elements contain innovation and experimental design as well as books and publications, all of which work towards the Cooper Hewitt Mission Statement: to inspire and educate people through the world of Design. The Smithsonian itself is the world’s largest research and museum complex, as such the Cooper Hewitt branch possesses unique and comprehensive collections of information regarding the universe of design and this makes it a must go-to place in the Upper East Side! Be sure to check what’s on before going!

4- Guggenheim

1071 5th Avenue.
The Guggenheim architecture stands bold and different from the rest of the Upper East Side’s regular architecture, making it almost impossible to miss on 5th Avenue. The artistic contents of the Guggenheim museum vary widely depending on the current exhibition, but can mostly be narrowed to Modern & Contemporary Art. A great time to visit the Guggenheim is on Saturdays for its Free entry fees! The admission fees are waived from Friday 7:00PM to 9:30PM or Saturday from 5:00PM to 8:00PM.

5- The Frick Collection

1 East 70th Street.
The Frick Collection is an art museum in the Upper East Side Neighborhood that has a truly unique outlay, with a beautiful in door garden and fountain surrounded by pillars in a Roman-like interior design. With a wide variety of rooms with selected works of art and a library section with research, photo archives and fellow researches, The Frick Collection works towards the goal of stimulating an interest in the scholarship of history of art, and to create a truly memorable experience of Art, of which both I think they achieve almost consistently with their customers. Be sure to check their current exhibitions before paying The Frick Collection a visit!