Top 5 Food Spots in the Upper East Side

Looking for places to eat in the Upper East Side? Hungry and need a quick go-to top 5 list? We’ve got you covered with this super quick read. You’ll be eating before you realized you’ve finished this post! Make sure to check out our top 5 places to visit while you’re in the Upper East Side Neighborhood so you can hit two birds with one stone.

1- Daniel

60 East 65th Street.
Daniel is a restaurant spearheaded by the infamous and world renown Chef Daniel Boulud. The Daniel restaurant in the Upper East Side is his flagship restaurant where the dress code is strictly jackets and the prices are quite hefty. We’ve added Daniel to our top 5 because there wouldn’t be much sense making a top 5 places to eat list without including some of the finest restaurant experiences that the Upper East Side Neighborhood has to offer. The interior design looks like a refurbished italian courtyard with archways and pillars surrounding the central dining lounge, making it a truly special dining experience and adding to the special atmosphere that Daniel has.

2- Sushi Noz

181 East 78th Street.
Sushi Noz is a restaurant that takes the Japanese culinary experience very seriously and as such, upon your arrival to the restaurant, you will almost be transported out of New York and into a Japanese food lounge. Sushi Noz offers high-end seasonal sushi served only in Omakase style (The Chef decides what you eat and how the food is made). Chef Noz delivers a highly personal experience of high quality and class craftmanship in his sushi making with unique and authentic tasting menus, guaranteed to leave you sentimental of your time in Japan.

3- J.G. Melon

1291 Third Avenue.
The Manhattan renown burger joint J.G. Melon is undoubtedly one of the most known burger spots of the Upper East Side Neighborhood. Known for their consistently great tasting burgers and their good standard prices for the Upper East Side, the atmosphere never fails to attract a laid-back old school clientele. J.G. Melon has been serving burgers since 1972 and if its still around – especially in the Upper East Side – its because they have their burger done just right. Make sure you check it out if you’re ever in the Upper East Side Neighborhood, its an absolute must!

4- Vaucluse

100 East 63rd Street.
The Vaucluse restaurant is a luxury establishment of the Upper East Side Neighborhood, with a stylish and modern ambience and high class brasserie style. Vaucluse is guaranteed to be a memorable dining experience with its unique approach to French cuisine. Upon entering, you’ll have the choice between two dining rooms, the West Room or the Omar Room. Both rooms are differently styled and with its different styles, a different environment and ambience. This binary nature of Vaucluse is what makes it a great dining experience, where you more or less choose what setting you’re in and where to explore a special culinary experience.

5- Via Quadronno

25 East 73rd Street.
The small hidden entrance among the East of 73rd Street in the Upper East Side is a cosy, old school and Italian Gourmet eatery serving a range of items from paninis to pastries, coffees and wines. Its location and relaxed atmosphere almost perfectly resembling a small hidden taste of Italy, is a great stop between museums or while you’re out and about in the Upper East Side Neighborhood. Its culinary traditions are heavily based in Milan style cooking and pastry making and you’ll almost immediately realize this after tasting their truly authentic coffee and cappuccinos.