Top 5 Things to do in Upper West Side

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Are you ready to soak up some cool spots of the Upper West Side Neighborhood? Have a read through our top 5 list of places to checkout and you’ll be guaranteed to find some great spots.

1- Central Park, the Hernshead

West Drive & West 77th Street.
Located inside Central Park on the Upper West Side entrances, the Hernshead is a real hidden gem of the park’s most popular attractions. Restored in 1988 by the Central Park Conservancy, it stands near the Lake, overlooking the water and landscape. One of the most beautiful times to visit the Hernshead is the Spring time, as the seasonal flowers have bloomed and the aquatic plantings have come to fruition. Be sure to bring your camera or a book, as the Hernshead is a hut-like pit stop in the park with several benches near it, making it an amazing and relaxing place to soak up the beautiful environment.

2- Columbia University Campus

116th Street and Broadway.
You wouldn’t truly soak up the atmosphere in the Upper West Side Neighborhood if you didn’t at least briefly walk through the Columbia University Campus. Open to the public and accessible via the Visitor Center, you’ll be guaranteed to be in awe with the width and large size of the campus. They even host historical tours which you can book here! The Campus itself has many iconic hot spots such as the Butler Library, the College Walk, Barnard College and many more. You’re also guaranteed not to go hungry with plenty of food options on campus and coffee places to check out!

3- Lincoln Center

150 West 65th Street.
The Lincoln Center is no doubt world renown for its status as the world’s leading Performing Arts Center. They present an abundance of shows ranging from ballet to opera to fashion shows and is the nation’s leader in arts. Be sure to always keep an eye out for their free events too! The Lincoln Center is also renown for its ideal location in the very heart of the bustling streets of the Upper West Side Neighborhood. Its high quality architectural finishes and square as well as the fact that its a hotspot during the September Fashion Week makes it a necessary visit for anyone in the Neighborhood. It’s also ideally located opposite a handful of great restaurants and the infamous Empire Hotel!

4- Columbus Circle Shopping

10 Columbus Circle.
The Columbus Circle area offers an amazing shopping mall located inside the Time Warner Center. Just southwest to the Central Park south corner, the Columbus Circle Shopping Center is over 2 million square feet! Its huge variety of stores, retailers, eateries and restaurants make it a necessary stop while you’re browsing and running around the Upper West Side!

5- American Museum of Natural History

Central Park West & 79th Street.
One of the obvious reasons as to why you should visit the American Museum of Natural History is the fact that it is the largest natural history museum in the entire world! Founded in 1869, the Museum of Natural History has become an iconic landmark to New York City as well as the Upper West Side. Its primary goal is to provide research and information regarding human cultures, the world and all things around us via scholarly research and archives as well as informative exhibitions. Tickets and admission begin at 23$ for Adults and 13$ for Children from 2-12 years old. Students and Seniors can enter for 18$.