Top 5 Things To Do in Williamsburg

You’ve just set foot in the infamous Williamsburg Neighborhood and have no idea where to begin… Williamsburg possesses a trove of hidden gems and so many things to do! Have a read through our top 5 things to do guide in Williamsburg and we’ll get you up and running in no time!

1- Visit the Brooklyn Brewery

79 North 11th Street.
The brewery began its origins in 1988 and has been a hotspot for beer drinking and hanging out ever since! The Brooklyn Brewery is a great place to hang out with fellow beer loves and friends the like, with occasional events hosted at their Brewery (such as music, games, pop up food vendors and plenty more!). The best thing about the Brooklyn Brewery? It’s open 7 days a week and has a free first come first served tour on the weekends! We can’t find many reasons why not to checkout the Brooklyn Brewery so why don’t you head on down there and taste some delicious beers already!

2- Checkout the Domino Sugar Park

300 Kent Avenue.
One of Williamsburg’s most popular spots to watch a remarkable sunset or to relax by the waterside; the incredible Domino Sugar Park located by the East River and nearby to Williamsburg Bridge offers some truly spectacular perks. The Park itself is surrounded by a mix of old and new, with the brand new luxury apartment building 1 South 1st Street being built adjacent to the old Domino Sugar Refinery – marked as a landmark in 2007. Some additional things to do while in Domino Sugar Park range from playing volleyball to going for a walk by the pier or even bringing food to have a peaceful picnic!

3- Fill your stomach with delicious treats at Smorgasburg

Locations Vary – 25 Kent Avenue (Winter) – East River State Park (Summer).
The locations of Smorgasburg change depending on the season, since the Summer version of Smorgasburg is in the bustling and high energy East River State Park and has to relocate due to the cold weather to 25 Kent Avenue during Winter. At Smorgasburg, there is no shortage of food, authenticity and uniqueness in the culinary experience you’ll undergo during your visit. You can literally find any type of food and it’s sort of a given since the name implies “a mix of food”. Did you know Smorgasburg attracts approximately 20 to 30 thousand visitors over the weekends?! We know! That’s crazy! Now stop reading and go check it out already!

4- Walk across the Williamsburg Bridge

South 4th Street.
Walking across the Williamsburg Bridge is not only one of the most popular things to do in Brooklyn but it is also a great way to avoid the foot traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge, all at the cost of nothing! You even have the unparalleled views of the Manhattan skyline as well as seeing the riverside of both Brooklyn and Manhattan’s East side. The Williamsburg Bridge possesses both a foot path as well as a bike lane meaning you can alternate how you choose to cross the bridge but both are equally satisfying and are definitely doing at least once during your time in New York City!

5- Visit the Artists & Fleas Hotspot

70 North 7th Street.
Located adjacent to the River and Williamsburg Bridge, the Artists & Fleas store is a must go-to for any shopping enthusiast as well as artist. Since its inception in 2003, Artists & Fleas has become a home for over 75 individual sellers every single weekend and has been a place where trend-setters and creatives the like gather to buy pieces, clothing, art, design and much more. The store is open every weekend from 10:00AM to 7:00PM. It is also home to live performances on occasion and some cool pop-up events.